How to use

Elluminate Live Video Conferencing

To schedule the Whitman Elluminate Live room, please send an email to

Directions for using Elluminate:

1. The following will take approximately 8 minutes. You will want to be sure to have your equipment ready ahead of time.

  1. Make sure you have the following:
    • high-speed internet connection (wireless works, but wired yields best results)
    • web video camera (if you want others to see you)
    • echo-free audio system (For hands-free use and quality sound, we recommend a head set.)
  2. Please go to the following, , and complete steps 1 and 2.(3 minutes)

  3. Then complete the "Participant Orientation (5 min.)",

Once your video conference is scheduled with IIMS, we'll send you a link that you will need to share with your participants.  Simply clicking on the provided link will launch the session. 

* Please advise participants to join the video conference 5-10 minutes early to test audio and video.

Known Issues:

Sometimes the video runs choppy and causes the audio to have a major lag. You can select different video qualities. If it still runs choppy, you may want to eliminate video completely and only use the audio and presentation features of Elluminate.