Equipment Checkout

IMS has a pool of checkout equipment including laptops, data projectors, video cameras, and more. This equipment can be requested by Whitman Faculty, Students, and Staff for academic and administrative purposes.

*Checking out equipment in IMS is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do not accept reservation requests for equipment, unless you are a faculty member reserving equipment for a class.

IMS equipment is not for personal use.

IMS fees and pricing

Instructional Multimedia Services

Hunter 203
Monday - Friday, 8am - noon and 1pm - 5pm

IMS offers checkout, delivery, setup, and operation of multimedia equipment. IMS requests two (2) business days notice for classes between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday and five (7) business days notice for all other needs. We may not be able to provide the support you need without sufficient notice. Equipment may be checked out for a maximum of 5 days.  Equipment under high demand may be reduced to shorter checkout times. 

Available equipment includes:

  • DVD/VCR Combos
  • Data projectors (for projecting computer, video, and document camera images)
  • Powerpoint remotes (USB)
  • Document cameras (for projecting pictures, text, and 3D objects)
  • Camcorders (flash memory and flip HD)
  • Portable voice recorders/players
  • Portable projection screens
  • Tripods
  • Laptops (only available to faculty and staff)
  • Conference call VOIP phones (only available to faculty and staff)

*Checkout equipment will not be set-up by IMS if there are other spaces on campus that have built-in tech and are available for use.  If requesting a laptop to use in a space that has built-in projection, we will not deliver and set up.