Useful Information for New Faculty

Multimedia and Smart Classrooms

Multimedia Equipment Checkout

Instructional Media Services (IMS) has equipment available for checkout including laptops, data projectors, video cameras, and more. These tools can be requested by Whitman Faculty for academic and presentation purposes.

Smart Classrooms: Locations and Information

Provides a list of Instructional Media Services (IMS) smart classrooms and information about what types of multimedia equipment can be accessed in various locations.


Communications and On-Line Tools


Contains documentation for accessing and using your Whitman Voicemail.

QUACK and WebAdvisor

Lets you view information like your class schedules, class listings and rosters, and advisee information using a web browser.

Email Documentation

Instructions and information regarding how to configure, access, and use your Whitman e-mail account.


Training and Further Information 

Training Workshops

Contains a list of training workshops offered by Whitman College Technology Services (WCTS) for faculty and staff.

General WCTS Documentation Pages

Whitman College Technology Services maintains a documentation web site that contains usage instructions and setup information on various technology related services, tools, and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of answers and resources regarding commonly asked questions.