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Who should I call if I have a problem or a question about my computer?

If you have a problem or general question about your computer or software, or if you aren't sure who to ask, call the WCTS Help Desk at 527-4976.  The Help Desk is staffed from 8am-noon and 1pm-4pm during the business day. The Help Desk consultant will either answer your question or forward your inquiry to the subject expert. You may also submit a Service Request on-line at any time, through our web site, at https://webapp.whitman.edu/wcts

If you would like assistance with an instructional issue that concerns using technology in teaching or research, including hardware purchasing, please contact the Instructional & Learning Technologist for your division.

How do I get an account on Whitman's network?

All faculty members automatically receive a computing account. It provides access to an email system (Zimbra or WhitMail/Gmail, your choice) as well as the various resources on the Campus Network (network filestorage, CLEo course management system [Sakai], online library resources, network-based printing, internet connectivity - both wired and wireless).

See Whitman College's network account policy.

Can I connect to the network from home?

Yes, if you have internet connectivity at home. Most people get either DSL or Cable internet service at home to access the Internet and Whitman.

Can WCTS provide hardware maintenance and repair for my home computer?

WCTS is responsible for the repair and maintenance of College-owned equipment that is part of the WCTS inventory. We do not provide support for personally-owned equipment, whether located in your home, or on campus.

Is there a special discount for purchasing a computer for home use?

Faculty can purchase Dell and Apple computers directly from manufacturers at educational pricing over their Web sites. Apple's Web site is Apple Store for Education, and Dell's Website is the Dell University Store (note you will need a member ID for Dell's site.  Contact us for more information). You can purchase by credit card or check, and have the merchandise sent directly to you.

Does WCTS provide hardware maintenance and repair for my office computer?

Yes, WCTS provides full support for all College-owned equipment that is purchased and allocated by WCTS . We also provide desktop support for equipment purchased by your department, if it is purchased either through, or in consultation with WCTS , and is included in the College's equipment inventory. Some equipment purchased with departmental or special budgets (such as grants) may not be in the "replacement cycle" (i.e., not be eligible for WCTS-funded replacement), unless replacement funding was planned by the original purchaser.

We cannot guarantee support for all types and brands of equipment, which is why it is important to check with us to see if the specific brand or piece of equipment you are thinking of purchasing meet required specification standards and is something we are able to support.

What software does WCTS support?

WCTS provides full support for Whitman's "Standard Software Package", when installed on College-owned computers. Supported software includes the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), as well as a large collection of additional software packages. Contact your  Instructional & Learning Technologist if you need information about availability and support for specialized software applications.

If I am interested in having my students use certain computer applications for their coursework, can WCTS assist in showing students how to do this?

Yes. WCTS staff can come to your class to demonstrate certain software, or can schedule workshops at other times to show your students how to use a particular application. Contact either your  Instructional & Learning Technologist or Rich Hinz.

Can WCTS help me evaluate software or figure out what I need?

Yes. Contact your Instructional & Learning Technologist.

Do students have access to the network from residence hall rooms?

All residence halls, Fraternity houses, and Interest Houses are networked. This means that a student with a network-ready computer can connect directly to the campus network.

Can I send a message to all the students in my class without having to type all the email addresses?

We highly recommend using the CLEo Learning and Collaboration System. Contact Rich Hinz if you want to try.

You can also create a mailing list yourself. See "For Faculty" page for information page.

Is it possible to view class enrollment information on-line?

Whitman currently offers the ability to view live enrollment information on-line through Whitman's web site.  See Faculty web-access (QUACK and WebAdvisor) for instructions.

How do I arrange to use a computer and have access to the Internet for a class session?

Most classrooms already have network/Internet connections available; including some "smart" classrooms which are equipped with a permanent computer installation. This information is available on-line at http://wcts.whitman.edu/resources/ims/classroom.html.

If you use a computer frequently in your teaching, we encourage you to schedule your class in a "smart classroom," or at least in a room with a network connection. If you have an occasional need for equipment, you may check out a mobile multimedia cart located in your building, or contact Instructional Multimedia Services (IMS) in advance to arrange for equipment delivery.

Where can I get access to a scanner, or other equipment that I don't have in my own office?

Scanners are available in numerous locations around campus, including the WCTS training room (Olin 180) which is available for you as a faculty workspace when workshops are not in session. Some departments/divisions have equipment such as scanners and specialized printers available in division office and/or departmental labs.

General access scanners are located in the Library, Olin computer lab, Maxey lab, Science Lab, and the Hunter Multimedia Development lab. The "MDL" in Hunter also offers access to more advanced equipment such as slide scanners, film printers, CD burners, camcorders, and more (see the MDL website for details).

Contact the WCTS HelpDesk if you need information about equipment availability.

How can I get my office computer upgraded?

Communicate with your Instructional & Learning Technologist about your equipment needs. Better yet, talk about what you need to be able to accomplish using your computer so we can work toward identifying equipment that will do what you need.

Do you have laptop computers that I can check out?

Yes. WCTS maintains a small pool of Macintosh and Windows "loaner laptops." They are available for short term (less than 2 weeks) checkout to faculty for Whitman-related use, on a "first-reserve, first-get" basis. Contact Ronnelle Partlow in WCTS (x5415) to request a laptop loan.

Do you offer workshops or training on using certain programs or creating web pages?

WCTS offers training workshops on a regular basis. See our Training web page for detail.

If you do not see the training course you need or need one-on-one assistance, contact Rich Hinz.

Can I connect a fax machine to my phone line?

Some phone lines on campus are 'analog' lines, which are safe for fax machine. Most, however, are 'digital' and cannot be used without damage to your equipment. Contact Mike Hubbard (526-4705).

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