Printers & Scanners

Community Printers & Scanners

There are many printers and scanners available on campus for general purposes. We also have support guides available that will help you make use of them. For a list of printing and scanning facilities, view this guide.

About GoPrint

GoPrint is a centralized printer management system which many of our printers are now using. For information about how to use these printers, see our Printing Support Guides. The About GoPrint page has basic information about GoPrint and its functions. View this guide.

Supported Printers & Scanners

View this guide.

Creating PDF Files

This documentation covers how to create Portable Document Format (PDF files) so they can be easily read and printed using the standard adobe acrobat reader. PDF files can also be used for printing on a large format printer, such as the Science Plotter. View this guide.

Large Format Printing on the Science and Maxey Plotters

The plotters are large format (really big) color printer in the Science Computer Lab and Maxey Computer Lab. They are used for printing academic and departmental posters and other large documents. Click here to learn more. View this guide.