Academic Division Offices Equipment Checkout

Checkout Procedure

  • Schedule equipment checkout on an A/V equipment calendar in each division office.
  • Instructors will need to pick up and return A/V equipment from their building storage area. Storage areas are keyed the same as building classrooms.
  • If an instructor needs assistance transporting, setting up, or operating equipment, he/she must contact the IMS office (527-5257) to schedule service. Building secretaries are NOT responsible for equipment delivery or setup.
  • If the equipment the instructor wishes to checkout is not available in their building or it has already been checked out, contact the IMS office (527-5257) at least two business days in advance to arrange for equipment delivery.
  • Any problems with the equipment should be reported to IMS (527-5257) so we can fix them as quickly as possible.

Available equipment:

  • Maxey Hall Division Office
    • 35mm slide projectors
    • Portable CD/audio tape player
    • Remote controls for Maxey 107 Computer Lab & Maxey 312 video projectors
    • TV/VCR carts (stored in Maxey 204)
    • Document camera cart (stored in Maxey 204)
    • Data projector/VCR/PC computer cart (stored in Maxey 204)
    • Data projector/VCR/PC computer cart with speakers (stored in Maxey 314)
  • Hall of Science Division Office
    • TV/VCR cart (stored in Science 309)
    • Document camera cart (stored in Science 106)
    • 35mm slide projector cart (stored in Science 309)
    • Overhead transparency projector cart (stored in Science 106)
    • Data projector/PC/Mac computer cart (stored in Science 203)
    • Projector/DVD/VCR/Speaker cart (stored in Science 203)
  • Olin Division Office
    • TV/VCR carts (stored in Olin Basement)
    • Video projector/VCR cart (stored in Olin Basement)
    • Data projector/VCR/PC computer cart (stored in Olin Basement)
    • Document camera cart (stored in Olin Basement)
    • 35mm slide projector cart (stored in Olin Basement)
    • Overhead transparency projector carts (stored in Olin Basement)