Administrative Information Technology Advisory Panel (AITAP)


  • A representative from each of the following budget officers: Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Treasurer, Vice President for Development.
  • Director for Administrative Technology ex officio
  • Committee Chair to be elected by committee members.
Current AITAP Membership

Description of Function

The primary function of the committee is to keep communication channels open between the WCTS and administrative departments. The WCTS (through the Director for Administrative Technology) will bring major changes in operations or policy to the committee for discussion and feedback. Further, this committee will be involved in the planning process of the WCTS -- providing guidance and feedback. The committee will receive periodic updates from the directors of WCTS.

Further, this committee will address issues that are relevant across departments such as data integrity and consistent coding schemes. This committee would reach a consensus on such issues.

Meeting Schedule

This committee meets monthly on the second Monday of each month.

Minutes of past committee meetings.