Welcome to the home of the Whitman College Technology Services Consultants. On campus, the Consultants act as an intermediary between students and the technology available to them. Our job is to provide front-line tech. support to anyone in our computer labs and to facilitate the services and resources available within the labs themselves. Our knowledge and experience is a resource provided to the entire Whitman community that supplements both WCTS's Online Documentation and the services of the WCTS Staff.

We have offices located in each lab listed below and are there to answer any questions or assist in finding solutions to problems that may arise. Consultants are also a great source for advice and referrals on issues that we don't directly support.

Important: WCTS does not directly support personal machines. However, while Consultants cannot officially work on your personal computer, we can still offer you advice and point you to a number of freelance technicians. Any referrals, advice, or services performed on a personal computer or piece of technology by a consultant while working under our services are not endorsed by Whitman College or WCTS and are the sole responsibility of the owning party.

Lab Staffing Hours

WCTS currently staffs the following computer labs.

Lab & Phone Hours Staffed
Library - x5062 Sun - Thurs: 1pm - 12am
Fri & Sat: 1pm - 6pm
Science - x5997 Unstaffed
MDL - 526-4761 MDL Hours
IMS Office - x5257 Mon - Fri: 8am - Noon
1pm - 4pm
Olin - x5884 Unstaffed
Maxey - x5899 Unstaffed

Note: These times only depict when the labs will be staffed by a Consultant, and may vary according to how our staffing schedule is filled. Lab operating hours are different from our staffing times. In some cases, our facilities are available for use well beyond when we are able to staff them.

Also note that was support the Maxey and Olin computer labs as well, even though we don't have a staff presence there.

There is plenty more information about WCTS facilities available.

ResNet Support

There is a select group of Consultants who are available to troubleshoot your ResNet connection in your Residence Hall.

For more information on ResNet Assistants or to contact our ResNet group, visit the ResNet Support Page

Job Opportunities

The job of a WCTS Consultant is to provide basic technical assistance and trouble-shooting to your fellow students and the rest of the Whitman community. In many cases, you would be our first line of support. Tasks vary depending on your location and assignment, but can include providing hands-on support of computers, managing equipment checkout, support over telephone, basic lab equipment maintenance, multimedia project assistance, event technology support, and directing users' questions and problems to the WCTS staff member who can best help them. While working for WCTS, there are also opportunities for specialized training, work and projects in areas including multimedia, management, and programming.

While experience with technology and customer service are desired, no experience is necessary to be a WCTS Consultant.

We do the vast majority of our hiring during the first week or so before and after the beginning of a semester and at the end of the year. We have positions for both during the school year as well as during the summer. If you are interested in working for us and if we are currently hiring, you can fill out our Online Application Form. If you have any questions, you can always contact our management group at any time.