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For most web editors, work within Ingeniux will consist of editing existing pages and components within Workflow. Workflow helps move content from start to finish with approval measures that help ensure consistent and engaging content that adheres to Whitman's Web Style Guide

Editing Pages & Components

1. Find the page/component you wish to edit in the site tree. 

2. Click on the "Assign To" icon in the toolbar. Select the "Me" option.


1. Click the "Advance in Workflow" icon in the toolbar.


1. Click the top drop-down menu and select "Update Content". To unpublish the page, you can select “Unpublish this page” from the top drop-down menu.

2. Click the bottom drop-down menu and select your name from the list.

3. Click the "Advance Workflow" button.


The page/component is now ready to be edited. After the page/component has been updated and saved:

1. Click on the "Advance in Workflow" icon in the toolbar.


1. Click the top drop-down menu and select "Author Sends to Approver". 

2. Click the bottom drop-down menu and select "Whitman Web Team" from the list.

3. Add a descriptive note of the work made to the page or component.

4. Click the "Advance Workflow" button.


The Web Team will review the page/component and either:

1. Publish the page to the live site. You will receive an email confirmation when the page has been published.

2. Advance the page/component back to you for further edits. You will receive an email with further instructions.

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