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Web Style Guide

The Web Style Guide is your resource for how to format pages on the website that are in compliance with the official Whitman College style.

Apostrophe vs. Foot Mark: Single quotes or apostrophes should be a curly or “smart” apostrophes. Only use foot marks for measurements.

  1. Single Left Quote
    1. Mac: Option-]
    2. PC: ALT+0145
    3. HTML Code: ‘
  2. Single Right Quote
    1. Mac: Option-Shift-]
    2. PC: ALT+0146
    3. HTML Code: ’

Bullet Lists: If bullets are complete sentences (or complete a sentence used to introduce them), use periods at the end of each bullet. If the bullet content is not a complete sentence, no periods are needed. When using a bullet list, be consistent about whether each item is a complete sentence or an incomplete sentence.


  • Students should contact their advisor.
  • Final Schedule

Email Addresses: When including an email address, put it behind the name in quote marks and hyperlink it. This increases accessibility and allows people to copy-paste the email rather than rely on the hyperlink to open in an email client. Example: Joe Whitman, whitmanj@whitman.edu, rather than Joe Whitman.


  1. Endash
    1. Mac: Option-Hyphen
    2. PC: ALT+0150
    3. HTML Code: –
  2. Emdash
    1. Mac: Option-Shift-Hyphen
    2. PC: ALT+0151
    3. HTML Code: —

Headlines (for news and magazine articles): Write headlines in title case, with principle words capitalized. Headlines should contain keywords and make it clear what the content of an article or page is.

Example: Whitman Updates Website to Ingeniux Version Ten

Office Hour Times: a.m., p.m. with a dash in between. If days of the week are necessary, use letter abbreviations. Only list days of the week if hours vary on different days.

  • 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • MWF 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • TTh 10-11 a.m.

Office information: List full building name followed by a comma and the room number.

  • Hall of Science, 315

Phone Numbers: No parenthesis around the area code.

  • 555-555-5555, not (555) 555-5555 or 555.555.5555

Photo Captions: Captions should be descriptive, complete sentences that describe the action taking place in the photos and the people pictured. If a photographer credit is needed, place at the end of the caption in parenthesis.

  • Marcus Whitman, left, and Jane Doe walk through the fall leaves on Ankney Field. (Photo by Jane Whitman)

Quotation vs. Inch Mark: Quotation marks should be curly or “smart” quotes. Only use inch marks for measurements.

  1. Double Left Quote
    1. Mac: Option-[
    2. PC: ALT+0147
    3. HTML Code:  “
  2. Double Right Quote
    1. Mac:  Option-Shift-[
    2. PC:  ALT+0148
    3. HTML Code:  ”
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