The Web Style Guide is your resource for how to format pages on the website that are in compliance with the official Whitman College style.

Apostrophe vs. Foot Mark: Single quotes or apostrophes should be a curly or “smart” apostrophes. Only use foot marks for measurements.

  1. Single Left Quote
    1. Mac: Option-]
    2. PC: ALT+0145
    3. HTML Code: ‘
  2. Single Right Quote
    1. Mac: Option-Shift-]
    2. PC: ALT+0146
    3. HTML Code: ’

Bullet Lists: If bullets are complete sentences (or complete a sentence used to introduce them), use periods at the end of each bullet. If the bullet content is not a complete sentence, no periods are needed. When using a bullet list, be consistent about whether each item is a complete sentence or an incomplete sentence.


  • Students should contact their advisor.
  • Final Schedule

Email Addresses: When including an email address, put it behind the name in quote marks and hyperlink it. This increases accessibility and allows people to copy-paste the email rather than rely on the hyperlink to open in an email client. Example: Joe Whitman,, rather than Joe Whitman.


  1. Dash -
    1. Mac: Hyphen
    2. PC: Hyphen
    3. HTML Code: ‐ 
  2. En dash –
    1. Mac: Option-Hyphen
    2. PC: ALT+0150
    3. HTML Code: –
  3. Em dash —
    1. Mac: Option-Shift-Hyphen
    2. PC: ALT+0151
    3. HTML Code: —

Headlines (for news and magazine articles): Write headlines in title case, with principle words capitalized. Headlines should contain keywords and make it clear what the content of an article or page is.

Example: Whitman Updates Website to Ingeniux Version Ten

Office Hour Times: a.m., p.m. with a dash in between. If days of the week are necessary, use letter abbreviations. Only list days of the week if hours vary on different days.

  • 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m.
  • MWF 8 a.m.—2 p.m.
  • TTh 10—11 a.m.

Office information: List full building name followed by the room number if there is one.

  • Hall of Science 315

Phone Numbers: No parenthesis around the area code.

  • 555-555-5555, not (555) 555-5555 or 555.555.5555

Photo Captions: Captions should be descriptive, complete sentences that describe the action taking place in the photos and the people pictured. If a photographer credit is needed, place at the end of the caption in parenthesis.

  • Marcus Whitman, left, and Jane Doe walk through the fall leaves on Ankney Field. (Photo by Jane Whitman)

Quotation vs. Inch Mark: Quotation marks should be curly or “smart” quotes. Only use inch marks for measurements.

  1. Double Left Quote
    1. Mac: Option-[
    2. PC: ALT+0147
    3. HTML Code:  “
  2. Double Right Quote
    1. Mac:  Option-Shift-[
    2. PC:  ALT+0148
    3. HTML Code:  ”