News Detail pages are general purpose page types for stories and articles and are typically only used on the Whitman Newsroom website. 


Title (required)
: Title displayed at the top of the page.

Sub Header: An optional field if the article needs a longer subhead. It will appear below the banner image (if used).

 (required): A short description of the content on the page. The content in this box appears in search results online and on the Whitman website. It is important to write in full sentences and create a useful description of the page content. It can be the first paragraph of the story, but can also be custom written.

Date (required): The date the story is published. Appears at the top of the article.

Body Image: Image that will appear directly below the page title. Images should be 882 x 440 pixels in size. Describe the image in the Alt Text field, this is required for accessibility.

Body Image Caption: Caption for the body image

Author: The byline of who wrote the piece, if needed. For writers who are alumni or students, include their class year. Example: Marcus Whitman '17. Institutional pieces/news releases do not require a byline. Note: The author filed should be used in addition to adding the content creator taxonomy.

Thumbnail: Small image that can be displayed on other pages, such as a Section Index, and is used when a page is shared to social media sites. Describe the image in the Alt Text field, this is required for accessibility.

Body Copy: The main default content section of a News Detail page. Here you can add the main text content and images.

Body Components: Components that will display below the body copy. The components available for use in this section are: Video Gallery, Photo Gallery.

Right Aligned Image: NA

Image Caption: NA

Additional Right Images: NA

Long Description: NA

Right Column: TBD

Contributor Taxonomy: This is the parent category when looking for the contributor tags, typically set to "content creators."

Related Links Component: Option for adding a Related Links component here.

SEO Fields: NA