Displays multiple images within a single frame as a slideshow. Slides can be set to either manually or automatically advance to the next slide.

Slideshow Component

A slideshow component requires one or more slide components (see below) in order to function properly. Slides should be 600w  x 310h pixels.  For help cropping photos, send your picture to the communications web team via the web change request.


Dot Navigation: Check this to display the navigation dots at the bottom of the slideshow

Captions: Check this to display the captions on the slideshow

Automatic Slide Advance: Check to have the slides advance automatically at an interval defined in the next field

Seconds Between Slides (if auto): The number of seconds between slides (five seconds by default). Only takes effect if Automatic Slide Advance is checked.

Slide Height (in px): Height of the slide; will be scaled for slideshows that are more narrow

Slide List: The individual slides (Slide Components, see below) that will make up the slideshow

Slide Component

An individual slide within a slideshow component.


Image: The main slide image

Caption: The optional caption for the slide

More Link: Optional link to a page with more information