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Video Body

A component for embedding a video on a page, currently only works with YouTube or Vimeo videos. This component can be used in two different ways:

  • As a standalone component to add a video to a page. It adds an embedded video that plays within the embedded element.
  • As a subcomponent within a Video Gallery Component.


Title (Required): Title of the video. Even if you don't want a title to display this is required because if the video opens in a modal window, that modal window needs a title for accessibility.

Hide Title: Hide the title so it's only used for accessibility. Note the title is always displayed in video galleries

Screenshot: (Only used in a video gallery) For YouTube videos, the screenshot is automatically grabbed from YouTube. Uploading a screenshot here will override that. Video videos depend on this to have a screenshot in a gallery.

Dimensions: Specify the dimensions of the video if you are embedding the video directly onto a body copy page or placing it within a modal directly on a body copy page: width, height - Example: 560,315

  • For embedded videos, this sets the dimensions for the embedded player.
  • For modal videos, this sets the dimensions for the modal window, but not the screenshot.
  • For video links it doesn't do anything.

YouTube URL: You can copy the YouTube URL and paste it into the field to create the link to the video.

Video ID: You can copy the Vimeo URL and paste it into the field to create the link to the video.

Caption: (Only for stand-alone components) A short description of the video.

Custom ID: For adding a custom ID to the component.

Custom Class: For adding custom classes to the component.

Component Width: (Only for stand-alone components) The width of the component (half/full) (see special fields section at the bottom of this document)

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