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Assets including files like JPEGs can be uploaded into the Images folder within the asset manager. 

Images are limited to the following file types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, svg

4 Important Guidelines for Images

1. Images should be appropriately sized and optimized for viewing on the web. Adobe Photoshop is recommended for resizing and optimizing. You can also send your image/s to the Web Team for help with resizing and optimization

2. Images need to be published to be viewed on the live web site. Learn more about publishing images.


3. Images need the Image Title field updated. Title fields appear as Tooltips and Ingeniux auto-populates the Image Title field with the images file path:


The Image Title field should be a short description of the image:

4. Images need Alternative Text (Image Description field) to help the college meet Federal accessibility measures.

  • Alt text is added to the image while editing the page or component that the image will display on
  • Each page or component has empty alt text fields the user must update when adding a new image. 

Alt Text Accessibility Guidelines

The college is committed to meeting Federal laws regarding website accessibility. To help reach as many visitors as possible while providing them with the best experience possible, the following are guidelines for creating accessible content when working with alt text.  

1. Images need accompanying alt text describing the image.

Why? It's read aloud to users by screen reader software, and it is indexed by search engines. It also displays on the page if the image fails to load.

Alt text is short, 150 characters or less, with descriptive text. 


A student sits on Whitman College sign playing a banjo with fall colors in the background

Consider: "A student sits on Whitman College sign playing a banjo with fall colors in the background"

Consider: "Student smiling and playing a banjo outside"

Avoid: "Photo of... Image of..."

Portrait of Kathy Murray

Consider: "Portrait of Kathy Murray"

Avoid: "Photo of... Image of..."

A student sits on Whitman College sign playing a banjo with fall colors in the background

Consider: "Whitman Tuition Commitment"

Avoid: "Graphic of... Image of..."

If the image is decorative, the alt text field should be left empty.

Uploading and Deleting Images


Avoid using spaces or special characters in filenames, as different web browsers and operating systems can interpret spaces differently which can lead to problems. Please use Dashes (-) or Underlines ( _ ) between words. This applies to all files uploaded to the assets manager.

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