Whitman logo 2010

One of the remarkable attributes of Whitman is our well-defined sense of self. We speak with uniform pride about our rigorous academic program, the outstanding enrichment opportunities that support the program, the beauty of our setting, and the remarkable spirit and intellect of Whitman community members. There is consensus in the way we speak about these defining features and attributes. Similarly, there also must be unity in the way we communicate them visually, but over many years Whitman has accumulated diverse and often inconsistent looks in our printed and digital materials.

To create a coordinated and consistent appearance for our internal and external communications, the college partnered with North Charles Street Design Organization to develop a unified visual identity and a set of guidelines that inform us about how the identity elements are used.

The elements and guidelines are based on feedback and research that involved interviews with various college constituencies, through which we determined a set of Whitman identifiers - symbols, graphics, colors and typography - that reflect the Whitman of today and acknowledge our treasured heritage. 
The guidelines in this guide standardize the Whitman style for use across the range of our communications - from publications and stationery to the Web site and from athletics to campus and vehicle signage.

Consistent use and college-wide adoption of these standards by all involved in the creation of Whitman communications will help ensure consistency and uniformity of Whitman's look.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Communications with any questions related to the visual identity system.