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The typography we use in print and the web is a powerful part of our visual identity. The typefaces we use to communicate with our outside audiences are Vito, a sans-serif font, and Lora, a serif font.

Website Fonts

If your department’s website or personal page is located on www.whitman.edu and is created in our content management system, the correct font typefaces, sizes and colors will automatically apply to your pages. Lora will be used for page titles and subheadings and Vito will be used for the remainder of the copy on page.

As you work on pages in Whitman’s website, follow these guidelines:

  • Use headings in the proper order. A Heading 1 (H1) tag will automatically be used for the page title of each page on our site. Any subsequent heading should be nested in order. For example, you should select Heading 2 (H2) for the title of major page subsections, and Heading 3 (H3) if you need to break down a subsection further.
  • Use headings only to break text up into sections. Do not use headings to make text stand out if the text isn't intended to be a section or subsection title—that makes your copy less accessible and searchable.
  • When you need a section heading, use the appropriate heading tag instead of increasing the size or boldness of the text.
  • Do not alter the color of the fonts. The correct color is set automatically by the templates in the content management system.

Fonts for Print

Lora is available for free on Google Fonts.

Vito is available to a limited number of computer seats on campus. Please contact Ryan Barnes in Communications for more information. The alternative free option is Montserrat and is available for free as a download from Google Fonts. Before you will be able to use these fonts in any of your applications (Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, etc.), you will need to install them on the computer you will be using to create your print piece.

Installation Instructions

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