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Color Palette

Primary Colors

Whitman’s primary colors are “Whitman blue” and gold. The Whitman blue should be the most prominently featured color in our communications that use color.

  CMYK* Hex* Pantone*
Blue 100 • 70 • 25 • 36 #002868 281
Yellow 0 • 24 • 91 • 0 #FFC627 123
White 0 • 0 • 0 • 0 #FFFFFF White

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors should be used as an accent. Roughly speaking, less than 20% of the colors in a document or web page should be taken from the secondary color palette.

  CMYK* Hex* Pantone*
Navy 90 • 84 • 45 • 60 #010E30 N/A
Light Blue 52 • 16 • 0 • 0 #6CB2E2 292
Cool Grey 10 • 8 • 1 • 0 #EFF2F9 N/A
Black 0 • 0 • 0 • 90 #333333 Black - 90% Tint

*CMYK values are used for commercial color printing. Hex colors are used for digital applications, including websites and email. Pantone (spot) colors are used for offset printing jobs.

Color Accessibility

When creating new styles for Whitman’s content, it is important to ensure the contrast between colors is high enough to pass WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards. This provides an overview of Whitman’s primary and secondary colors and the level of contrast that exists between each.
Reference the top of the grid for the intended text color and the left column of the grid for the intended background color.

Review Our Color Contrast

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