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Hashtags are words or phrases proceeded by a # sign that are used to indicate that a social media post is about a certain topic. Hashtags make it easier for people to find posts about a particular topic.

Some of the hashtags that are commonly used, either by Whitman social media accounts or to talk about Whitman, are:


Posts related current student life, both academically and non-academically.


Used by prospective students in reference to being admitted to Whitman College. Also used by Whitman to promote admission-relevant content.


Posts related to alumni accomplishments and their post-graduation life/work experiences.


Used to cheer on our Whitman College Athletics sports teams.


Used when current students or alumni receive awards or have their success highlighted.


When posting about a Whitman Off-Campus Studies experience.


Typically used by a non-Whitman social media account to refer to Whitman College.


For posts related to Whitman’s commencement ceremony.

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