Creative Services works with the content team to help members of the campus community create written and electronic materials that align with Whitman's messaging, editorial, design, and brand identity standards. Our team works collaboratively with you to ensure that a unified brand message reaches our Whitman community and beyond.


How to start a project

Before work begins, our design and editorial experts meet with you to determine a project's scope, creative direction, and budget. Please be prepared by thinking about some information we will need.

  • What is the purpose of the project? Who is the audience? How will the work be used/distributed?
  • Are there multiple components to the project? Graphic design, photography, print and more? In this case, we might want to meet with you to outline a larger project.
  • What is the budget and budget number for this project?
  • When would you like to have the project completed?

Please contact Ryan Barnes to start and discuss your upcoming project.

What we charge

Our creative services are free, but clients pay for printing and some incidental services, such as freelance photography or stock images. These charges are clearly identified and communicated before and during our work.

Brand Identity Guidelines

To ensure the consistent implementation of the Whitman's brand, Creative Services has established an online resource that provides branding standards for communications by internal designers and/or external vendors. Adhering to these guidelines will maintain a strong brand identity for Whitman.

Web Content

Our team is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the front-facing website and content management system. Generally, this includes:

  • Development and maintenance of the college home page.
  • Managing the architecture and navigation of the college website.
  • Coordinating efforts to maintain a consistent look and feel.
  • Coordinating efforts to keep pages current.

For basic updates to the text of your website, go to

For major updates, design work, or new websites, contact Ryan Barnes to discuss the best available options. After speaking with you, our team will discuss the project and will develop specific steps for moving forward. We will follow up with you to discuss an analysis of the project, specific recommendations, and an outline of the budget and time needed to complete the project.

Our focus is web content; we work closely with and rely on WCTS staff to ensure that the technical/technological aspects of websites are feasible.