Do you need to send out a major mailing originating from campus? Need assistance with bulk mail, interoffice mail or outgoing FedEx? Connect with Campus Mailing Services.

If you are looking for the campus post office, click here.


You have to get it from here to there. Sometimes in large volume, sometimes overnight, sometimes big and bulky. The Mailing Services Team processes outgoing mail, including metering postage, address printing, mail merges, working with shippers, and managing USPS postal regulations and requirements. Services include:

  • USPS – first-class, express, certified mail with return receipt, international, permit imprint mailings (first class and non-profit). Utilizing these services can reduce your postage costs significantly.
  • FedEx – express and ground. FedEx express is faster and more costly; ground is slower and less expensive. FedEx is recommended when you need to track and/or insure (up to $100) a parcel. (Extended insurance is available at an extra cost.)
  • Processing services – printing on envelopes and postcards; mail merges; address updates for your mailing lists; tabbing; folding/inserting. All of these services will cost-effectively aid you to complete your mailing needs.

Note that these services are available for the personal use of campus community members as well as Whitman related. Any fees associated with shipping and postage must be paid on site by cash or check.

Here’s how it works:

Our staff is available any time to discuss your specific mailing needs. One of the most important steps to take is to label your mailing with your budget code. Here is a general guide to specific available services:

USPS Domestic Mail

  • Your mail needs to be at the Mailing Services office (Boyer House) for processing by 3:30 p.m. in order to go out the same day.
  • Leave the flaps of unsealed envelopes open, especially for large orders.
  • All mail should have your name or department to which it is to be charged.
  • All parcels will be mailed first class unless marked differently.

USPS International Mail

  • All foreign parcels should be identified as such and separated from domestic mail.
  • Telephone numbers are mandatory on all international customs forms, per USPS regulation. Use USPS Form 2976 (green customs declaration form) on items weighing less than four pounds containing merchandise, e.g. CDs, food, clothing.
  • If weight exceeds four pounds, use USPS form 2976-A. Any overseas military address regardless of weight requires this form. This required form is available at Boyer House or from your department assistant. It has an adhesive strip; please attach the form to the mailing piece so it does not cover the address.

Permit Mailings

  • Utilizing the permits that Whitman College holds reduce your costs of postage for large mailings. Please refer to the Permit Chart for first-class permit and non-profit regulations. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding which permit your mailing qualifies for.

Federal Express

  • FedEx items must be at the Mailing Services desk for processing by 2 p.m. in order to go out that day. Weight limit for Express and Ground is 150 pounds. Home delivery is restricted to 70 pounds. Please be sure to complete the required Federal Express Shipping Form. All fields of this form must be completed for your shipment to process, including phone number.

Printing on envelopes and postcards

  • We can print return addresses either in the upper left corner of envelopes and postcards or on the back flap of invitation-style envelopes.
  • We can print addresses directly from your Excel file. All address lists must be in Excel, no Word or other programs. E-mail files to Linda Marshall at Please contact Linda for your specific project at least two weeks prior to your mailing deadline.

Mail Merges

  • We can merge personalized letters to specifically addressed envelope. To receive the best postage rates, please contact Homero at x5793 or prior to starting your project,

Other mailing services

  • Address updates – we can help you update your mailing lists to reflect USPS change of addresses filed within the last 18 months. This eliminates mail being returned or discarded. Any change of address, undeliverable address or corrected addresses will be returned to you so you can update your mail list. Even if you print envelopes in your own office, this service is available. Prior to printing, please e-mail your Excel file to Linda Marshall at The corrected file will be put in USPS bulk mailing order, which saves money. Your file will be returned to you so you can print your letters.
  • Tabbing – this seals folded pieces so they can be processed. USPS requires an adhesive tab mailing piece which is half or tri-folded.
  • Folding and inserting – A machine automatically processes these tasks. If more than three pieces are to be inserted in a single envelope, you must contact Mailing Services prior to starting your project.

It’s important to know that...

We make every effort to mail your item on time. As much advance planning as possible for large mailings will help. Please contact us as soon as you are aware of your mailing project, and we can assist you from start to finish and help you avoid delays or complications. Items not marked with your department budget code can cause delays, due to time needed to backtrack the order. When using Mailing Services for personal use, we cannot process your items without immediate cash or check payment.