Whitman provides amazing opportunities for students in ways few other colleges can. From internships to faculty-student research to fellowships and grants, students get an education that opens up new frontiers.


Whitman Summer Internships

For many college students, internships are the first step toward finding jobs after graduation. Whitman is committed to helping students obtain internships that will help them bring their liberal arts educations into real-world settings and gain valuable job skills through experiential learning.

This year, Whitman will fund about 110 summer internships in professions ranging from politics and business development to graphic design and health care. To support the internships, Whitman will commit $300,000, which has been raised thanks to the support of the Parents Internship Fund, the David Stevens Internship Endowment and the Kanemori Internship Fund, as well as special targeted funding from the Parents Leadership Committee.

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Faculty-Student Research

One characteristic of a Whitman education is experiential learning. One avenue toward this type of hands-on learning is faculty-student research - students become collaborators and get the benefit of faculty critique, mentoring and advising.

Whitman students receive stipends and work directly with their professors on research projects. Through faculty-student research, Whitman students also gain experience in the methods and challenges of sustained, collaborative scholarly work.
The professors also benefit by having valuable student research collaborators. And the projects, typically aligned to professors' established research, often result in joint publications and presentations at scholarly meetings, as well as topics for senior theses.

Every year Whitman funds dozens of faculty-student collaborations through endowed programs, including Perry Research Grants, Dublin Awards, Abshire Student Research Scholar Awards and Soden Research Awards.

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fellowships and grants

Fellowships and Grants

At Whitman, students aren't confined to learning on campus. Many Whitman students earn fellowships and grants and become globetrotting scholars in the pursuit of knowledge.

In 2012, Whitman was once again named a top producer of Fulbright scholars. The opportunities for off-campus studies abound and Whitman consistently produces numerous Watson Fellows. Recipients have the opportunity to conduct scholarly work right here with their professors or in far-away, exotic locales.

By assisting students in becoming candidates for fellowships and grants, Whitman's goal is to help students become global citizens who think deeply and critically about issues, ideas and values in their lives and the lives of others. Through these diverse experiences, they come to know themselves better, and they build skills and knowledge that can benefit their careers and their communities.

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Encounters is Whitman's first-year common seminar program, which helps introduce students to the liberal arts and the academic construction of knowledge. In the two-semester, inter-disciplinary course, students study and write about the books, films and ideas that shape world views. Students read a wide range of literature, from the work of Shakespeare and Keats to Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and religious texts like the Qur'an. During their year of Encounters, students develop written and oral communication skills as they engage in critical and spirited discussions with professors and fellow students.

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