The Whitman College logo consists of two parts: an icon and a typographic wordmark.

The icon is the Whitman clock tower. It was selected because it is one of the most recognizable and important landmarks on campus – a majestic building that represents our proud heritage and tradition. Within the icon Whitman’s unique campus setting is referenced by rolling hills in the background. A double-ruled circle frames both elements.

The typographic wordmark was built from and inspired by the typeface named “Whitman,” a fitting coincidence. There are four approved logo configurations for general use; the use of the configuration is dependent upon the dimensions/layout of the specific printed or online application:

The clock tower icon placed above the horizontal wordmark.


The clock tower icon above the stacked wordmark.


The clock tower icon placed to the left of the horizontal wordmark.


The clock tower icon placed to the left of the stacked wordmark.


In addition to the icon and wordmark configurations, there are uses for the wordmark to stand alone. Standardized versions are:




In standard use the icon should not appear as a stand-alone graphic element; it should be tied to one of the standard wordmark configurations. However, there are limited and approved uses for the icon as a stand-alone graphic, among them, in Commencement-related materials.

Please contact the Design Services staff with questions or for help in incorporating Whitman graphic elements into your materials.