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Past & Present

Messages from Classmates last update: September 7, 2000

These are the messages that classmates have sent in so far.

We'd also like this section to be a place where you can read and share with classmates. Please use the form or email Brian what you're up to these days, career, family or whatever. It's also a place where you can reminisce or share a Whitman experience.

If you're looking for the slides that Gordon Scribner (former Dean of Students, Director of Alumni) took during our graduation weekend back in 1980: click here to see them.

Paul Bakker pbakker@cba.com
Just too far away for a quick trip. Maybe 25th.

Bill Bartels SWBartels@aol.com
Living in Fillmore, CA these last 13 years and growing oranges. Married to Laura and with Nicholas who is now 1 and a half. Next child expected in March looking forward to the reunion.

Kirk Bragdon kirkmb@pacbell.net
I have been an artist for the last 17 years. I have been exhibiting my unusual night photography in galleries during that whole period. I exhibit both solo, and as a member of an experimental photography group, The Bay Valley 5.

A couple of years ago, I went back to college to train in computer graphics. I am just now finishing that program, and intend to be working in the computer graphics field soon.

I live in Napa, CA (home of a recent 5.2 earthquake) with my wife Suzanne, and daughter Stephanie, who is 8.

Have a good reunion!.

Matt Brown matthew.brown@boeing.com
I've really enjoyed running into a number of you over the years since graduation, but will definitely like commiserating with classmates I have not seen in W2 this September. Much of my time seems to be split between traveling in Asia, U.S. and Canada for Boeing, remodeling a house or heading for the woods. My wife (Lisa) and I live in Kirkland, WA and enjoy spending our free time camping, hiking or doing other recreation outdoors.

Visit, E-mail or call me anytime if you feel like catching up, otherwise I hope to see you at the reunion to delve into the details. Take care,

Matthew Brown & Lisa Ryseff
10021 112th Ave. N.E.
Kirkland, WA 98033 home (425) 827-0763 work (206) 766-2580

Flick Fornia flickskis@aol.com
Sorry that I can't make it. Looks like you all will have a great time. See you next time.

Pat Kaczmarek Patkaz@aol.com
Although I would like to attend the reunion, my work schedule will prevent
it. Sorry - I hope everyone has a great time.

Robbin Murray Morris Patkaz@aol.com
I've got a 15 year old who will be checking out the school. He would be the 5th generation to attend!

Molly (Davenport) Sessions robinmorris@rocketmail.com
Well, it's just not going to happen this time. As someone else said, maybe the 25th.

Ten years ago, when I was able to come we were living in southern California. Well, now we're living in Arlington, Virginia. Somehow we're not getting closer to the Pacific Northwest are we?

We moved here after Keith (my husband of 18+ yesrs) accepted a position with the Navy Strategic Systems Programs which is based in Washington, D.C. He's been working for the Navy (civilian) since 1985.

I am presently working at the national office of Women in Community Service, Inc. It's a non profit that "reduces the number of young women living in poverty by promoting self-reliance and economic independence". Although WICS is a national organization, the national office is only staffed by about 12 - 15 people. I am the Office Assistant at WICS, but am thinking of going back to school, again, so that I can transition into database management.

I hope the reunion goes well, and that the weather cooperates.

Have a really great time everybody, and if you're in the D.C. area give me a "heads up" and maybe we can get together.

Take care.


Gayle Townsend gaylerod@pond.net
I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody. Diane Oringdulph, Kelley Knutsen, Sue Wiley, anyone from section G Prentiss hall first and maybe second semester, lets get together. See you soon.

My family and I are living out in the country about 10 miles west of Eugene, OR.
We have 2.5 acres and one set of grandparents are living next door to us. We have four daughters ages 11, 9, 8, and 6. They keep us quite busy with all the sports, school, and kid activities they are involved in. Just try manipulating three soccer games all going on at the same time. I decided to stay home full time after our fourth daughter was born. I am on our local school board, and am kept pretty busy. But the mid-life crisis has hit and I am now exploring new careers and trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! We love hiking, camping, and swimming. I'd love to hear from any classmates and am looking forward to seeing you all next fall.

John Webber jlweb@gmx.net
Hi everybody -- sorry I can't make it for the big reunion, but I just started a new job (and career) as a Java programmer for a small startup here in Munich (not a dot.com!). After nearly twenty years as a professional pianist, opera coach and conductor, and a short stint of unemployment, I decided a change was called for. So I taught myself Java and went looking for a job. Blaine Newland ('79) found me a job with his (former) company in Seattle, but my wife, Anja, wanted to stay in Germany, and I had no difficulty finding a job in Munich, the Silicon Valley (or is that Siliziumtal) of Germany. After years as a "starving" musician, finally a job that pays well and has excellent prospects for the future. And I enjoy the work as well!

We love living here, and would be delighted to see any former classmates or other Whitties passing through. Our address: Hippelstr. 35, 81827 Munich, Germany. Phone: +49 89-437 48 333.

Have a great reunion, and I hope to see you all for the 25th!

Bill Way bill.way@ac.com
I look forward to it... arriving from Tokyo just for the weekend..look to ease the jet lag in Walla Walla..I think I will be joined by Bart Fite family, class of 80 in spirit if not academic classification.

Bev White bevwhite@dsinw.com
Hope it is a fabulous success!!

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