Lisa Perfetti,
Chair of the Center for Teaching and Learning Steering Committee


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Steering Committee 

Lisa Perfetti, Chair
Rebecca Frost, Director of Student Success and Disability Support Services
Denise Hazlett, Economics, term ending 2018
Michelle Jenkins, Philosophy, term ending 2016
Lee Keene, Penrose Library
David Sprunger, WCTS
Ginger Withers, Biology, term ending 2017, fall only
Devon Wootten,General Studies and Language Learning Center Coordinator, term ending 2017

Associated programs run through the CTL

Faculty Mentoring

Tenure-track: Helen Kim, Coordinator (      Non-tenure Track: Johanna Stoberock, Coordinator (
Whitman is pleased to offer individualized one-on-one mentoring for junior faculty.  Mentors provide teaching and career advice, help socialize junior faculty into the academic culture, address anxiety and expectations for tenure/promotion, and offer social support.  One-on-one mentoring has been linked to higher job performance, and more importantly, increased job and life satisfaction.

If you would like to be matched with a mentor, or are interested in training to become a mentor, please contact Helen Kim at f or Johanna Stoberock at

Written and Oral Communication Initiative (WOCI) - Dana Burgess, Director:

Services Offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning

Consultation: At any time during the semester, and for any reason you wish to consult with the CTL Director, I will make myself available. Consultation on any issue: grading, syllabus, student issues, or other issues of a non-academic nature such as adjustment to life at Whitman, how to find a good defense lawyer, where to take your dry cleaning, etc. Any member of the CTL Steering Committee may also be consulted. If we cannot provide an answer, we can certainly point you in the right direction.

Videotaping: We will, upon request, provide videotaping of your lectures and/or presentations, and provide feedback. Such videotaping is confidential and intended to identify strengths and weaknesses in lectures, discussion leading, etc., for the purpose of improving classroom performance.

Informal Mentoring: If you are a visiting faculty member and are interested in a mentoring relationship (that sounds funky; how about a mentoring arrangement), come to talk with me. I can help by acting as an informal mentor, or I can help you to identify a person in or outside of your department who can act as an informal mentor. Tenure track faculty can take advantage of the program run by Helen Kim. Unfortunately, the number of requests for mentors from junior faculty now is about equal to the number of mentors available, so her focus is primarily on tenure track faculty.

Course Observation: At any time, the CTL director, or another faculty member, may be asked to visit a classroom and make observations. These observations may be useful in developing effective teaching strategies, and can lead to letters of support at times of contract renewal or granting of tenure, or in the case of visiting faculty, when you apply for jobs elsewhere. The CTL office can help set up class visits.

Evaluating Evaluations: Understanding the student evaluations of your courses. One of the more difficult things we do is try to make sense of the information provided by the student evaluation of your courses at semester’s end. The Mentoring program is designed to handle some of this, but not all of you will have requested or been assigned a formal Mentor. In that event, the CTL Director can help.

Book and Videotape Resources: The CTL Office has a wealth of book and videotape resources available for you to borrow if you are interested. Please visit the CTL office in the Penrose Library and see what is there.

Programming for New Faculty: A series of discussions are scheduled, designed specifically to address issues that are of primary concern to new faculty members. These are held during the noon hour on Mondays five times each semester, see events for topics and dates. Although attendance is not required, some of them may certainly be helpful as you adjust to teaching in the Whitman College culture. The sessions will be led by faculty and staff members from different parts of campus and hopefully are more of a discussion than a presentation. Lunch is provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning.