Campus Climate CoalitionCampus Climate Challenge: Campus Climate Challenge (CCC) is the "umbrella" organization for student-driven environmental campaigns here at Whitman. We are currently focused on fossil fuel divestment (Divest Whitman), climate change education (Cool the Schools), and food recovery via compost or reuse. We're always looking for new projects, so if you have ideas, come to us!


Contact People: Lydia Petroske (, Tyee Williams (, and Lindsey Brodeck (

Adviser: Bob Carson (

Organic Garden

Organic Garden:

The Whitman Organic Garden was created in 1997 by four students with the help of staff and faculty. We produce eggs and we grow a wide variety of annual and perennial vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The garden is also a space dedicated to spiritual renewal, meaningful labor, and community vitality. The Organic Garden is a place where students and community members can hangout, play with chickens, get dirty in the soil, and enjoy the process of creatively growing and eating food. Enjoy a nighttime walk to the garden, sit under the gazebo, pick some basil.
The student Organic Garden Club maintains the garden and organizes events to open the space up to everyone. During the school year, the garden is run by volunteers, and during the summer we hire student interns to keep the garden going.
In an effort to improve soil fertility, the Organic Garden often accepts contributions of food scraps from Whitman students and community members. In our simple but effective compost system, the Garden turns the contributed waste into rich soil used to grow more food.
Open Gardens are periodic events when the garden is open to anyone and everyone who wants to be involved. All you have to do is show up! Open Gardens are announced through the organic garden listserv ( During winter months, there are no Open Gardens due to the weather.
Student Contact: Melanie Kirtland (
Faculty Adviser: Susanne Altermann (


Action for Animals

Action for Animals club works to educate and promote dialogue with the Whitman community about important animal issues while providing fun activities on our campus.

Contact People: Emma Bishop ( and Mary Tabb (

Adviser: Alissa Cordner (

Glean Team

Glean Team: We are committed to serving local farmers and food banks. We engage students and community members in sustainable agricultural service in order to provide fresh produce to those in need in Walla Walla County.

Adviser: Susanne Altermann (

Rethink Dams

Rethink Dams: Rethink Dams works to establish a community at Whitman and in the larger Walla Walla region set on building support for the removal of the lower Snake River Dams.

Contact People: Fiona Bennitt ( and Mariah Bruns (

Mycology Club

Mycology Club: It is the mission of the Whitman College Mycology Club to promote interest, education, and awareness of the Fungi Kingdom within the Whitman community. We grow gourmet mushrooms in the shed behind Lyman. Club members will have a hands-on experience on the process. We meet weekly to discuss and identify collected wild mushrooms. We also organize lectures, watch fungal documentaries, cook mushrooms, and do other fun activities!

Adviser: Susanne Altermann (

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders: The Beyond Borders Club aims to promote interest in and awareness of various cultures and global issues amongst and between Whitman College and the Walla Walla community. This educational and culturally-focused endeavor will come through hosting films and documentary screenings, lectures, art displays, and other organized events in coalition with various student-run clubs. Other such events include the Seattle World Rhythm Festival and the InterNation Celebration.

Contact People: An Dang ( Adviser: Maggi Banderas (