On-Campus Job Catalog

This is a list of all student jobs, however they are not necessarily all current open positions. For more information, contact the hiring office or ask the SEC for assistance.                 

Note: Most supervisors hire at the beginning of each semester. You can also check Handshake for openings beginning on August 1st, 2017.

Whitman College Student Jobs
OfficeFall and SpringSummerYear Round
Admission Office Admission Overnight Host Admissions Summer Intern
  Campus Tour Guides  
  Lunch Host  
Alumni Office Alumni Office Assistant Alumni Filming  
  Reunion musicians Summer College Student Assistant  
Academic Resource Center SA1 Program Assistant Academic Resource Tutor
  SA2 Program Assistant    
Art Department Art Department Web Designer    
  Art Gallery Technician    
  Art General Facilities Assistant    
  Art Lab Assistants    
ASWC (Mostly stipend) ASWC Pioneer Circuit Production? ASWC Pioneer Designer ASWC Pioneer Staff
  ASWC Pioneer Photographer WEB Chair ASWC Pioneer Editorial Staff
  ASWC Pioneer Videographer WEB Directors  
  ASWC Pioneer Web Technician Power & Privilege Symposium Chair  
  ASWC Sound & Light Crew Power & Privilege Symposium Directors  
  ASWC Waiilatpu Photographer Club Sports Interns  
  ASWC Waiilatpu Section Editor    
Bon Appetit Bon Appetit Cafe 41    
  Bon Appetit Cook's Assistant    
  Bon Appetit Dishwasher/Server    
  Bon Appetit Espresso    
  Bon Appetit Student Manager    
Bookstore Bookstore Accounts Payable Intern    
  Bookstore Sales Associate    
  Bookstore Web Master    
  Winter Crew (FT 2 weeks)    
Business Office Business Office Annex Assistant    
  Business Office Assistant    
Communications Office Communications Assistant    
  Communications Photographer    
  Communications Video Log    
  Communications Video Production Assistant    
  Communications Web Intern    
Conference and Events RCC Building Operations Crew    
  Summer Events Aide    
  Summer Events Assistant Coordinator    
  Coordinator Tech and Stage    
Community Service Score Intern    
  ARP Intern    
  Community Service Intern    
Student Engagement Center Fellow Intern    
  Student Engagement Center Executive Office Assistant    
  Fall Intern    
  Spring Intern    
  Summer Internship Grant    
Development Office Development Intern    
  Development Office Assistant    
  Development Summer Intern    
Financial Aid Office Financial Aid Services Student Aide    
  Summer Assistant    
Health Center Health Center Student Aide    
  Health Center WISH Co Coordinator    
Hunter Conservatory Academic Year Instructional Computing Consultant    
  Instructional Computing MDL Consultant    
  Instructional Computing Multimedia Asst Support Services Student Consultant  
  Technology Services Multimedia Intern    
Student Activities Office Opening Week Intern    
  Summer Dance Lab Assistant    
  Intramurals IM Committee    
  Summer Dance Lab Web Page Designer    
  RCC Building Op Information Desk Worker    
  RCC Building Manager    
  Intramurals Referee    
  Student Activities Office Intern    
  Student Activities Stu Center Art Curator    
Penrose Library Archival Projects Intern Summer Assistant  
  Library Acquisitions Assistant    
  Library Administrative Assistant    
  Library Archives Assistant    
  Library Cataloging Assistant    
  Library Circulation Assistant    
  Library Circulation Manager    
  Library ILL Assistant    
  Library Inventory Assistant    
  Library Reference Assistant    
  Library Serials Assistant    
  Library Services Intern    
Intercultural Center Summer Intern Summer Orientation Assistants  
  Intercultural Intern    
  Glover Alston Center Building Manager    
  International Orientation assistants    
  GLBTQ Student Intern    
WISE WISE Academic Year Intern    
  WISE Program Intern    
Music Building Music Accompanist    
  Music Assistant    
  Music Audio Technician    
  Music Chorale Assistant    
  Music Library Assistant Higley    
  Music Listening Library Assistant    
  Music Orchestra Assistant    
  Music Performance Assistant    
Outdoor Program Outdoor Rental Shop Bike Technician    
  Outdoor Rental Shop Employee    
  Climbing Wall Employee    
  ORS Vehicle Maintenance Technician    
  Outdoor Program Employee    
  SSRA Instructor    
  Mechanics Assistant    
Physical Plant Office Assistant Landscape Assistant Maintenance Assistant
  Recycling Recycler    
Post Office Post Office Clerk    
  Post Office Student Manager    
President's Office President's Office Events Assistant-SREG    
  President's Office Student Intern-SREG    
  Res Hall Acad Break Assistant    
Registrar's Office Registrar Office Assistant-SREG    
Residence Life Res Halls Custodial Assistant    
  Residence Hall Custodian    
  Residence Life Assistant    
  Residence Life House Manager    
  Residence Life Intern    
  Residence Life Senior Resident    
Security Security Escort    
  Security Office Building Security    
Fitness Center Fitness Center Desk Worker    
  Fitness Center Student Manager    
  Fitness Center Lifeguard Supervisor    
  Fitness Center Lifeguard    
Athletics Department Sports Information Assistant Internship Prog Sports Information Writer  
  Sports Photographer Men's Baseball Camp Assistant  
  SSRA Club Sport Intern Men's Basketball Camp Assistant  
  SSRA Club Sports Coach Volleyball Camp Assistant-SREG  
  SSRA Office Assistant-SREG    
  Varsity Sport Assistants    
Technology Services Technology Services Assistant    
  Technology Services Hardware Technician    
  Summer Student Assistants    
  Technology Services Help Desk Assistant    
  Technology Student Assistant    
Harper Joy Theatre Harper Joy Backstage Theatre Year End Cleaning Crew  
  Harper Joy Computer Assistant    
  Harper Joy Costumer    
  Harper Joy Encore    
  Harper Joy House Staff    
  Harper Joy Publicity    
Whitman Fund Whitman Fund Office Assistant    
  Whitman Fund Phonathon Caller    
  Whitman Fund Phonathon Manager    
  Whitman Fund Senior Fund Chair