Whit City is the support group for all Whitman Athletics. We strive to create a culture that involves all members of the Whitman Community. We are non-exclusive, meaning that you do not have to be a member of our board to deem yourself a member of Whit City. Be proud of where you go to school!!! Whit City is an outlet for you to show that! Whit City wants to be a community, not just a small group of X amount of people. Embrace your school, show a little pride, and that will make you a part of Whit City. #WhitCity #GetWhitIt

Contact People: Bryn Carlson (carlsoba@whitman.edu), Quang Nguyen (nguyenqd@whitman.edu) and Maamoon Saleh (salehmm@whitman.edu)

Adviser: Delbert Hutchison (hutchidw@whitman.edu)