The Whitman College Poker Club is a new organization, established with the sole purpose of creating a fun and supportive environment in which all Whitman community members are able to play competitive, risk-free Poker.

It is the mission of the Whitman College Poker Club to educate members of the Whitman College community on the skills integral to and the rationale and thought process necessary for success in the game of Poker. Amongst the many skills that Poker requires and strengthens, we hope to bolster our member's abilities in probabilistic thinking, time management, money management, and general rational decision making.

All actions of the Whitman College Poker Club shall be legal under College, local, state, and federal laws. Indeed, we believe that Poker is a fun and valuable tool that benefits its participants as a great exercise in critical thinking. We intend to use Poker club to become better thinkers and poker players. We will not use the organization for any gambling-related activities, whatsoever.  

Contact people: Nick Quazzo (

Advisor: Craig McKinnon (