The First Generation/ Working Class Club at Whitman seeks to advocate and provide support for FG/WC students because their needs are often not meet as under-represented students at Whitman College. The club works heavily with the administration office to develop programs that can best provide this support. For example, the FG/WC club provides social and professional networking opportunities to incoming first years, via a mentoring program, in order to promote a strong footing on campus. The club also successfully spearheaded it's first Summer Bridge Program for the class of 2019 and will continue to work with the administration office on getting the program further formalized.

Additionally, and most importantly, the FG/WC club strives to maintain a community where FG/WC students can develop a sense of belonging. Coming from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, first generation and working class students may find it hard adjusting to Whitman. As a club we want to be present for students who may face these obstacles and help them overcome them. We hope that eventually the label FG/WC will stop being a source of limitations but instead a source of empowerment.


Contact Person: Kylin Brown (

Adviser:  Nicole Pietrantoni (