Our Life Skills series aims to partner students with Whitman staff or community members who can share their passion and/or expertise in a field or task that is not necessarily taught within the classroom.

Courses are open to all Whitman students on a first come registration basis.

Life Skills Series

History of Life Skills

Gary D'Agostino, the former boiler technician for the Physical Plant, was a lifelong advocate for teaching students to work with their hands. Gary, a longtime Whitman College employee, was a strong advocate for hands-on education of skills for everyday life. It was Gary's passion that students come to know and understand how to solve life's problems, be it a clogged toilet, misaligned bicycle, or relationship challenges. He subscribed to, and taught, the school of thought of the 3 C's. The 3 C's are Condition, Cause, and Cure, and Gary advocated that they are able to assist anyone in solving any of life's problems.

3 C's: The 3 C's which Gary promotes are the Condition, Cause, and Cure. He encourages everyone to analyze the challenge at hand by asking oneself, "What is the condition that is taking place?". Once the condition is identified, we know what is going on, we can ask ourselves, "What are the possible causes for this condition?". Finally, once the possible causes are identified, one can ask, "How can we cure this? What are the possible cures for this condition?" This methodology slows down our thoughts and makes the challenge much more approachable.

Words from D'ag

Purpose of Course: It is our hope that through this Life Skills course, we will be able to keep Gary's dream alive and continue promoting his passion for spreading knowledge of how to solve life's problems. We also want to use this course as an opportunity for Whitman College staff as well as local community members to have an opportunity to share their passions, skills, and talents with Whitman students in a small group setting. 

Beginning with Gary's Lifemanship courses in the early 2000s, and re-blossoming with sewing and cake decorating courses in the Spring of 2011, Life Skills has grown to what it is today. A partnership between students, staff, and community members, teaching important skills that students may not learn in the classroom.