Requirements for Club Travel

If your club is planning on travelling in your personal vehicles, you must fill out an Alternative Transportation-Liability Waiver in order to be eligible for reimbursements.

Alternative Transportation-Liability Waiver - These must be completed once per trip per car. You can see which have been filled out here if you're interested. They are available behind the Reid Info desk and are also attached on the link above, and can be turned into the black box outside of Reid or the Science Building. Everyone in a vehicle must sign the same form. We will be cross-checking these forms with your receipts for gas and your trips will not be eligible for gas reimbursement without the form being filled out and turned in. It's soooo helpful for us to know where you are in case something bad happens.

All travelling members of climbing, whitewater, backcountry, and hiking clubs must fill out a Common Adventure Trip waiver before they travel.

Common Adventure Trip Waivers - Every participant must fill this waiver out once per year and the list of who has filled out the waiver is available here. These waivers also count across all your clubs (for instance, if Billy Jo fills out one for climbing this month, then they can go on whitewater and back country trips too). Waivers must be filled out every year (so last year does not count). PLEASE have your club members fill this waiver out and they can turn them in in the black box outside of Reid or science or the Student Activities Office (Reid 202). Just do it at club meeting and you'll never have to worry about it again! This is required of students, staff, community members, faculty, everyone.

Questions about waivers or travel?

Please contact Funmi (