What is the Power & Privilege Symposium?

The Power & Privilege Symposium is designed to make space for conversations about structural oppression, how they manifest themselves on the Whitman College campus and beyond, including, but not limited to, racism, sexism, ableism, capitalism, etc. The community unites to support the lectures, panels, discussions, and showcase created by our peers. The symposium strives to educate the community about the power structures prevailing around the world, questioning many of the paradigms which have socialized us. Our mission as a team is to create an environment that interrogates hard questions, the relationships, and structures of power and privilege. The symposium is a house for resources—beginning of questions and further investment in social justice.

2021 Purpose Statement

The promise of this year’s symposium is to go a step further from confronting apathy by encouraging accountability and self-reflection. The themes of the symposium will raise tough questions and frame your purpose in life-long-learning.This begins with amplifying and studying critical voices with the end goal of finding a sense of belonging wherever you are. The symposium should open avenues for holistic change in our everyday lifestyles and actions.

2021 Goals

  • Providing a platform for students to revitalize and enrich their surrounding communities
  • Inspiring symposium participants to volunteer their time and pursue professions that transform them into activists, organizers, and allies on Whitman's campus & beyond
  • Standardizing a model for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work at Whitman that is accessible on a national level.
  • Developing a framework where critical voices are supported and financially sponsored for their research, projects, & programs.

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