Stanton Hall Staff

Stanton Hall is Whitman's newest residence hall on campus and was designed to a create a greater sense of community among the sophomore class. It houses approximately 150 predominately sophomore students in 9 sections of 15-18 students each.

Stanton is entirely gender-inclusive, with gender-inclusive restrooms and bathing facilities, including individual-occupancy showers. The hall has 90 single-rooms, 30 double-rooms, a large central living room space for the whole hall, a variety of study rooms and nooks, and a game lounge and balcony on the third floor. Each section also includes a shared section lounge and kitchenette.

Stanton is located on the south side of Whitman's campus, adjacent to a large grassy lawn, sand volleyball courts, and conveniently situated near Cleveland Commons, Whitman's newly-built central dining facility.