CDM StaffCollege House is near the Bratton Tennis Center and offers furnished double, triple, or quad apartments for about 35 students. It also offers one 6-person apartment. College House is available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Students living in College House may choose to do all their own cooking in full kitchens or buy any meal plan. Apartments also include private bathrooms. House social activities routinely include movies, dinners with faculty, and outdoor excursions.


Room Details

A014 quad big multiple rooms and bathrooms (basement location)
A101 double 21’8" x 25’  
A102 triple 24’3" x 25’4"  
A103 double 21’2" x 21’8"  
A104 double 19’10" x 21’8"  
A109 double 18’10" x 25’  
A110 six-person 21’8" x 44’10’ two apartments joined by a common kitchen
B201 double 21’8" x 25’  
B202 triple 24’4" x 25’4"  
B203 triple 21’8" x 21’1"  
B204 triple* 21’8" x 26’  
B207 double 21’8" x 21’1"  
B208 triple* 21’8 x 26’  
B209 double 15’7" x 25’ plus bathroom (6’ x 7’)
B210 triple 21’8" x 24’4"  

*indicates that the room may also be used as a double