Due to Covid, NO First Aid Courses will be offerd to the general public in 2021! WFR and WFR recertification courses will ONLY be offerd to Whitman students, faculty, and staff!

How to Register for First Aid Courses

Whitman Students

The registrar’s office will handle all Whitman student registrations for WFR classes but the OP rental shop will handle the WFR recertification course. Whitman students can register any time during the fall semester for the January WFR course with the registrar's office. This class fills up early so it is recommended to register in October or November for the January WFR course.

Community Members/ Non-Whitman Students

Because of Covid, we will NOT be offering any first aid courses for the 2021 season to the general public.  First aid courses will only be available to Whitman students, faculty, and staff.  If you have interest in hosting a community WFR or WFR Recertification course outside of Whitman, you can email Lish Riley or Brien Sheedy for more information on resources to do that.

First Aid Courses

February 13-15, 2021 (1 WFR Re-certification course) Whitman $325

Wilderness First Responder Recertification Course

This scenario-based course is specifically designed to meet the needs of recertifying WFR students. Includes adult heart-saver CPR. Whitman: $325.  Registration for this course is done online through the Compass portal.  Because of Covid precautions, we are only offering this course to Whitman students for the 2021 season!

Below is information for our upcoming course. The letters will be updated soon:

To complete the registration for a Whitman student, follow this link to our Compass website here.  

To complete the registration for a non-Whitman Affiliated person, follow this link to Compass.
Create your Compass account by starting a new registration (the right side option), and entering your information. Once logged in, select 'Start a New Registration' from your participant home tab. Select yourself as the participant, then the WFR recert trip at the bottom of the list. It will walk you through a series of pages to enter personal information, a consent page, then payment options at the end. Once you have submitted your registration, the trip will show up on your participant home page.

You'll find information about accommodations on the  Walla Walla tourism site.

May 19-28, 2021 (1 WFR course) Whitman: $675

This 80-hour course with NOLS Wilderness Medicine provides the tools to make critical medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations. Practical skill work, case studies, and scenarios designed to challenge your decision-making abilities and enhance classroom time. Whitman: $675.   Students can register for the WFR course throught the normal registration process, or you can contact the Registrar's office directly to enroll.  For more information, call the OP Rental Shop at (509-527-5965), or email Lish Riley at rileyab@whitman.edu