Equipment Available

We have 7 rafts total available for rent. We have the capacity to rig:
-3 15.5' oar rigs with full size frames that accommodate a large cooler and 2 dry boxes
-1 16' oar rig with a frame that accommodates 2 dry boxes, or 1 cooler and 1 dry box
-2 14' paddle rafts (can carry up to 8 people) 
-1 13' paddle raft (can also be set up with small frame or stern mount frame)

Raft packages include:
Paddle Raft Package: raft, pump, paddles, helmets, pfds, thwart gear bag, and straps

Oar Rig Package: raft, frame, 3 oars, helmets, pfds, paddles if needed, pump, 2 dry boxes, 1 large cooler, cooler pad cover, 1 fire pan, 1 groover (toilet) and supply box, hanging floor and floor for stern if needed, repair kit, bar table, and straps

Not included in package but available for rental include: dry bags and apparel. See rates on rental rates page here.

NRS orange 13' Paddle Raft

Paddle Raft Package

NRS blue 14' Paddle Raft

Paddle Raft Package

NRS dark green 14' Paddle Raft

Paddle Raft Package

AIRE yellow 15.5' Oar Rig

Oar Rig Package

AIRE yellow 16' Oar Rig

Oar Rig Package

Additional Whitewater Gear

Dry Bags (Various Sizes)

Throw Ropes (varying types and strengths)

Whitewater Gear Duffel Bags