Bike Shop Fall Semester Hours

Monday- Friday: 4-6pm

We are OPEN for in person visits!  We are available for bike maintenance and repairs, and also sell a small variety of retail merchandise.  The OP Bike Shop is located here on campus- directly behind Boyer Print House, the small parking lot on the corner of Boyer Ave and Marcus St.  Heading west (downtown) on Boyer, pass Reid, and take the 3rd left into the parking lot and look for Bike Shop signs to direct you.  We sell a small assortment of retail merchandise including bike tubes, lights, locks and bags. Our service rates are very reasonable and our bike mechanics are friendly and knowledgeable. Stop by and say hi!

Check out our Scott hardtail mountain bikes with pictures and rate information here!

The Fall 2021 Semester Bike Mechanics are:
Emma Beaver:
Gavin Victor:
Axel Roberts:
Charlie Frank:

Abandoned Bike Repurposing Program
We love turning useless and forgotten bikes into useful and appreciated bikes again!

We regularly receive bikes from Campus Security that have been abandoned on campus.  Bikes that have been left locked up for long periods of time without being moved, locked inappropriately for a long period, or are clearly abandoned are taken by Security, put into storage for 8 months, then given to the Bike Shop to assess.  Bikes fall into 3 categories: 1.) able to be repaired, restored, and tuned up to a functional condition, 2.) able to be used to harvest parts for use on other bikes, and 3.) almost useless and taken to metal recycle in town.  If you think your bike may have been stolen or misplaced, contact Campus Security at  509-527-5777, or email Stephen Davis, Head of Security at

We strive to repurpose as many bikes and bike parts as we reasonably can.  If you have a bike that you would like to donate to the OP Bike Shop we would be happy to take it at any time during the year.  We do NOT purchase bikes, but are happy to take donations!

The bikes we are able to make functional, get taken to the OP Rental Shop, priced, and put up for sale.  Prices are based on how much was spent on parts and labor with consideration to how valuable of a bike it is.  Our goal is to make unused bikes useful again, and provide a needed service to Whitman students, faculty, staff and the community.

We been collecting and fixing up bikes since Spring 2012.  To date, as of June 2021, we have been able to repurpose 201`bikes and counting! That's awesome!

Bike shop on campus map