Office/Department: Outdoor Program
Supervisor: OP Director
Department Head: OP Program Director
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage


The Sweet Onion Crank Manager organizes the Sweet Onion Crank to take place on the last Saturday of April.

All Climbing Staff will possess the general requirements:

Full-time student

Have and maintain good academic standing

Current CPR, AED and First Aid Certifications

Top Rope Climb and Belay certification at the Climbing Center

Abile to work with others where safety is of utmost concern

Abile to cope with diversified responsibility

Project a positive and professional image

Function on the job with limited supervision

Willingness to commit to the position for the semester

Will find an authorized substitute for a shift if they cannot work. Failure to work a shift or find a replacement will result in loss of pro-purchase privileges and could result in loss of job.

Familiarity with the Outdoor Program and Climbing Center preferred

Principle Responsibilities

-       Design t-shirts and posters or find volunteers to do so.

-       Obtain local sponsorship for the competition. Write solicitation and thank you letters to sponsors

-       Organize volunteers for route setting, judging, and other tasks.

-       Oversee advertising

-       Keep the Crank running smoothly the day of the event.


Required Skills and Knowledge

-       Current First Aid and CPR minimum

-       Ability to work independently in a leadership role.

-       Effective communication.

-       Excellent writing skills.

-       Effective time management and multi-tasking.

-       Ability to work with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Photoshop are a plus.

Whitman College Climbing Center Staff General Application

Return Completed Form to:

Brien Sheedy Outdoor Program Director (Reid Campus Center Room 209)


Name of applicant:____________________

Date of application:___________________Student ID number:___________________

Date of birth:________________________ Email address:_______________________

Phone Number:______________________ Year in School:_______________________

Local address:_______________________ Home Address:_______________________

City, State Zip:_______________________ City, State Zip:________________________

Circle all of the positions that you are interested in applying for:


Climbing Instructor

Climbing Center Desk Staff

Climbing Wall Technician

Crank Organizer


Have you ever held a position at Whitman before?   Yes      No

Are you a resident of Washington State?         Yes      No

Have you been awarded work study?   Yes      No

Please answer all of the following to the best of your abilities. If you need more space, feel free to attach extra sheets. Please type responses in italics and not bold.

Top of Form


Why should we hire you as a climbing instructor/wall technician/desk staff member/ Crank organizer? What sets you apart from other qualified applicants?

Please submit a detailed resume including all technical skills AND photocopies of your certifications along with this application.

For climbing instructor position: Please include a detailed resume showing climbs you have led (Minimum of 20 outside climbs at the 5.8 level or higher)List: date, location, rating, # of pitches, sport vs. trad, and whether you led the climb, (only for climbing instructor positions)


Work Experience


Position                                                           Employer                     Dates employed



Supervisor's Name                                         Phone                          Reason for leaving



Position                                                           Employer                     Dates employed



Supervisor's Name                                         Phone                          Reason for leaving



Position                                                           Employer                     Dates employed



Supervisor's Name                                         Phone                          Reason for leaving


Please list the days and times that you would be available to work:

Bottom of Form


Mon: _______

Tues: _______

Wed: _______

Thurs: _______

Fri: _______

Sat: _______

Sun: _______

Desired number of hours per week: _______