Office/Department: Outdoor Program
Supervisor: OP Assistant Director
Department Head: OP Program Director
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage + $0.25 for returning employees

Whitewater Kayak Instructor


Kayaking instructors are responsible for teaching one weekly class lasting 2 hours at the pool, in addition to full day and overnight trips on weekends with 6 students.  Instructors will be responsible for teaching ACA (American Canoe/Kayak Association) lesson formats.  All instructors are required to attend all meetings throughout the semester and training sessions at the beginning of the semester.  In addition, it is expected that Kayak Instructors will also lead OP trips as separate paid time.  The goal of the kayaking instructor is to teach students fundamental kayaking skills along with how to identify and manage risks and hazards inherent in the sport.

Apply online and send resume via email to Assistant Director, Stuart Chapin ( )  


1.     Be ready to begin class on time by having equipment set up before it is time to begin class.  Instructors to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of class for set-up and to remain at least 10 minutes after class for clean-up.

2.     Be confident in what you are teaching so that students feel comfortable trusting what methods are being taught to them.  Also, be aware of the abilities of the students and what is happening during class. 

3.     Be sure to keep track of the abilities of the students on an individual level, and the class as a whole, throughout the semester so that the material covered in a given class is appropriate. 

4.     Record attendance on the attendance sheet

5.     At the end of the semester give students evaluation sheets to be filled out.


1.     Ability to effectively teach all elements of ACA beginning moving water kayaking.

2.     Maintain ACA Whitewater certification

3.     Ability to teach effectively in a pool environment over approximately 10 sessions.

4.     Ability to paddle class III confidently, preferably higher.

5.     Ability to rescue paddlers/swimmers in class III conditions.

6.     Instructors must have, as a minimum requirement, current First Aid and CPR certification and Whitman van driver certification.

7.     Preferable to have Swiftwater Rescue certification

8.     Ability to maintain a safe environment at the pool and on river trips.


1.  Full-time student

2.  Must have and maintain good academic standing

3.  Must have current CPR and first aid certifications

4.  Must go through the Whitman defensive driving program 

5.  Ability to teach the material accurately and enthusiastically 

6.  Ability to establish a rapport with students

7.  An ability to work with others in an environment where safety is of utmost importance

8.  An ability to cope with diversified responsibility

9.  An ability to work with and constructively supervise peers

10. An ability to project a positive and professional image

11. Creativity in teaching

12. An ability to function on the job with limited supervision

13. A familiarity with the Outdoor Program and its services is preferred

14. A willingness to make a commitment to the position for the academic year

15.  Commitment to finding an authorized substitute in the event of a conflict that prevents an employee from working a particular class.  Failure to work a shift or find a replacement will result in loss of job.