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The Whitman College Climbing Center features a state-of-the-art climbing wall made up of hundreds of imprint and freeform panels that offers a unique climbing experience.    

Climbing Center Hours

Fall 2022 Semester
M-Th 4:30-9 p.m. & Fri-Sun 2:30-5 p.m.

Climbing Center Contacts



Climbing Center Manager (General inquiries):

Climbing Center Outreach Coordinator (Kids Clinics, Special Events, Private Events, Etc.):

Climbing Wall COVID-19 Considerations

  1. Whitman student staff and faculty are the priority but visitors will be welcome on Saturday and Sunday’s.
  2. All users are required to be up to date on all vaccine doses and boosters for which they are eligible. Proof of vaccination will be checked at time of entry.
  3. Masks are currently optional but encouraged. (This may change based as Covid response procedures are re-evaluated.
  4. Wash hands with the portable wash station before and after climbing and potentially during your session as well.
  5. Please space yourself appropriately from any other people while climbing.
  6. Only liquid climbing chalk will be allowed if you choose to use chalk. No loose chalk or chalk balls are allowed at this time. The climbing center currently has a sale on liquid chalk at the wall.
  7. A bathroom pass into Sherwood is available at the front for use while climbing.

More Information

Click below to view the following: 
Climbing Center brochure
Climb for a Lifetime video
World's Worst Belayer 

Click below to download the following forms:
Top rope and Lead climb/belay proficiency tests
Group Event Application
Climbing Center Staff Application
Orientation Checklist

Additional Links: 
The Outdoor Program runs climbing trips to local climbing crags on a regular basis. See Outdoor Climbing Areas for more information about local climbing.

Watch the "Clip it Good" Video