Spring Semester Open Climbing Hours*

  • Monday - Friday Hours vary by day (See reservation link below for times
  • Saturday – Sunday 1-7pm (By reservation only)

There are NO “Open Climb” reservation spaces when SSRA classes are in session.
Please be considerate of others. No more that one open climb reservation per day and no more than four reservations per week until capacities are allowed to be increased.

Special "Spring Break" Climbing Day Reservations:
(45 minute open climb blocks available from 11am-10pm)

  • Monday March 8
  • Tuesday, March 23
  • Wednesday, April 7
  • Thursday, April 22
  • Friday, May 7

Make a reservation for a Spring Break session 

How to Access the Climbing Wall

  1. Schedule a time to use the space: https://whitmancollege.as.me/climb
    Only students and Climbing Center staff are able to use the Climbing Center at this time. (No reservations are needed for scheduled SSRA climbing class times)
  2. Watch this 1.5 min. COVID management tips at the Wall video
  3. Arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your start time.
  4.  Wear a mask.
  5. The student employee will confirm your appointment and approval for the building access
  6. Have your Whitman ID and Everbridge App open and Approval Badge for the day showing.
  7. Enter the Climbing Center on the Southeast side of the Sherwood athletic center near the outside climbing boulder.
  8. Please space yourself appropriately from any other people while climbing. There are designated zones that climbing staff can explain.
  9.  Check in at the front desk like normal so you can be entered into Rock gym pro software as well. That is when you can get rental gear if needed. Rental gear is FREE for students if available but climbing classes have priority.
  10. Wash hands with the portable wash station before and after climbing and potentially during your session as well.
  11. Only climb routes of the appropriate color for that day. All other color routes will be undergoing a quarantine period for at least 72hours before they can be climbed again. Climbing staff can explain.
  12. Only liquid climbing chalk will be allowed if you choose to use chalk. No loose chalk or chalk balls are allowed at this time. The climbing center currently has a sale on liquid chalk at the wall.
  13. When you are done with your session then check out at the front desk. This is a new procedure but useful in helping to always stay within current allowed maximum capacities. Return any rental gear used.
Please note that the climbing sessions are reservable in 45 minute blocks. A bathroom pass into Sherwood is available at the front for use while climbing. We expect you to clean up after yourself and leave as soon as your “Climbing Session” time block ends.