Every week Associate Deans of Students Juli Dunn and Barbara Maxwell will be sending you helpful emails to prepare you for entering Whitman.  If you happen to miss one, or would like to go back and read a previous email, we have them listed here for your convenience.

Hello incoming new students!

Welcome to Whitman College. As you know from the new student orientation booklet you recently received, Juli Dunn and I will take turns sending you an email each Monday throughout the summer with important information. If you have not received your new student orientation packet, please email me. 

The 2019 Orientation Schedule is online! Two important things to note about the orientation schedule include: a) all events marked with an * are required for new students, and b) we will make minor adjustments to the orientation schedule throughout the summer. A final printed copy will be in the new student packet you receive on opening day, Aug. 29. Please let your family know that the family orientation schedule will be available online by June 15.

Your due dates for completing critical Whitman tasks are the 15 of June, July and August. If you have not completed the June 15 tasks listed below, we would appreciate your completing them by June 15.

  1. Activate your Whitman email account (whit.mn/acct). Once activated, please make sure to check it weekly to receive the email from Juli or me!
  2. Complete your online advising questionnaire (whit.mn/pmaq). Juli uses your completed advising questionnaire to select an appropriate academic adviser for you so it is a very important document!

If you plan to participate in an optional pre-orientation Exploration, Scramble or SCORE, please remember that they have a June 14 at 11:59 p.m. deadline.We still have space available in all of the Immersion options: Remember that the Exploration and SCORE trips are free of charge to incoming new students.

If you misplace the new student orientation booklet, you can access it online: U.S. domestic students or international students.

If you have any questions, about anything, please do not hesitate to email either Juli or me and we will make sure you get an answer. Again, welcome to Whitman — we are excited about your joining us in the fall!

Barbara Maxwell
Associate Dean of Students/Director of New Student Orientation

Dear Incoming Whitties;

Only 72 more days until you are due to arrive on campus (or even less if you are coming in early for an Immersions experience or for varsity athletics)!

For those of us preparing for your arrival, this time will zip by as we put the finishing touches on orientation and registration, housing assignments and pre-major advisor assignments. For those of you eagerly awaiting the start of your Whitman career, this might seem like the longest summer of your life. Hopefully, these Monday emails will help the time fly by, and before you know it you will be packing your final box and be heading out the door bound for Whitman!

If you are receiving this email on an email address that ends with something other than @whitman.edu, please activate your Whitman account as soon as possible at whit.mn/acct.

Activating your account will give you access to the MyWhitman portal, you will complete online forms, search for classes, generate your course wishlist and ultimately register for classes. You will also need to start checking your Whitman email on a regular basis.

Once that's done, you'll need to take a look at whether you need to complete online placement exams. If you are considering advanced courses in chemistry, calculus or a foreign language (meaning above the introductory level), you'll need to complete your placement exams as soon as possible. These tests are important to help you enroll in the correct course and have a successful first year, and are required for some courses and languages. Learn all the details and access the exams at whit.mn/place (or read more in your New Student Orientation booklet).

If you took French, German, or Spanish in high school or at another institution and would like to continue your studies in that same language, you are required to take the online placement test prior to arriving to campus; not doing so might delay your registration and make it difficult for you to get into the classes you want. [Note: If you plan to start a new language, the 100-level sequence of classes is where you will want to start and as a result you will NOT need to take the placement test.]

Once again, we are thrilled that you have decided to call Whitman home this coming fall and we are preparing the campus and ourselves for your arrival in August. This summer will be filled with great anticipation and change and we look forward to guiding you through your journey with our weekly emails.

Juli Dunn

We are gearing up for your arrival at Whitman in August! While we hope you are enjoying your summer, please remember that your first required orientation event is 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 29. You can begin moving in to your residence hall at 9 a.m. that day, and need to wrap up move-in and other tasks, such as getting your Whitman ID card and your campus mailbox, by 2 p.m.

If you have travel issues that may make you unavailable to finish your move-in and come to the 2:30 p.m. session, please contact me so we can review options before you confirm your travel plans.

Missed Deadline:

  • 56 of you still need to activate your Whitman email account. Use the Whitman ID number found on the front of your orientation booklet and go to whit.mn/acct to activate it as soon as possible. Please let me know if you need any help with this.

Family Orientation:

The Family Orientation Schedule is now available online — please share this information with your family!

Register for Immersions:

If you missed the deadline to register for our Immersions pre-orientation program, good news! There are remaining spaces in our Explorations, Scrambles, and SCORE trips.

  • If you have questions about the remaining Exploration openings, please contact maxwelba@whitman.edu.
  • If you have questions about the remaining Scramble openings, please contact scrambles@whitman.edu.
  • If you have questions about the remaining SCORE openings, please contact score@whitman.edu.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Juli Dunn or me and we will be happy to assist you. Have a great week!

Barbara A. Maxwell
Associate Dean of Students/ Director of Orientation

First, let me put all the urban legends and Facebook myths to rest: No incoming first-year students have registered, no incoming first-year students know who their advisor is, and no incoming first-year students have missed their advising appointments.

So don't worry — you are right where you need to be. Advising and registration for first-year students will occur once you arrive on campus in August. Students who are transferring to Whitman from another institution will receive an email from the Registrar's Office once their credits have been transferred and then will complete advising and registration following that.

Now onto the main focus of this email: T-minus four days until IB and AP score release day! For those of you who completed International Baccalaureate classes or Advanced Placement in May, both programs will begin releasing scores and diplomas on Friday, July 5 at 12:00 GMT. If you have not yet requested that your IB or AP scores be sent to Whitman directly, beat the rush and do so as soon as possible. You can access your accounts and adjust your score/grade reporting settings at http://goo.gl/oVwIy or http://goo.gl/qwSZC respectively. If you are transferring to Whitman from another institution, the same holds true for you regarding AP and IB grades/scores you might have from high school; you will need to ensure that they are reported to Whitman as your previous institution will not send your scores.

Are you wondering how Whitman will treat your IB or AP grades/scores? Surf your College Catalog! You can find the catalog on our Academics website, www.whitman.edu/academics/catalog, and read up on how Whitman will handle each class/score/grade. For instance, if you scored a 4 or better on the Psychology AP exam, you will receive credit for Psychology 110. What does this mean? It means that with credit for Psychology 110 added to your academic evaluation you are eligible to take other courses that require Psychology 110 as a prerequisite.

If you completed a course or courses at another college or university, we will also need you to report those classes using the Transfer Credit Eligibility (TCE) form and send final transcripts as soon as possible as they are due to Whitman by July 15. Please note that you need to use your Whitman email account when completing the TCE form.

Which courses qualify for transfer credits? If it was:

  • taught at a college/university by a college instructor (for the course),
  • no more than 1/3 of the students in the class were high school students,
  • AND an official college transcript listing the course is sent directly to Whitman from the Registrar of the college attended,

THEN that course is eligible for consideration for transfer credit. More information about transfer credit is also available online in the catalog. While we are on the subject of catalog reading, if you haven't begun to peruse the course offerings, the catalog contains valuable info about general studies, distribution, course offerings, and detailed course descriptions. Catalog reading can be a bit confusing so check out my quick primer here.

You can also explore the course offerings for the fall by using the Search for Sections tool on my.whitman.edu. We would like you to begin assembling a list of courses that you would like to discuss with your advisor when you arrive to campus in August. Your course wishlist it the place to do this. To begin adding courses to your wishlist, log in to my.whitman.edu, click the tab for Registration and use the button marked "+Search and Add Classes." Keep in mind that this list is truly only a wishlist; all new students will register in person, on Saturday, Aug. 31, after meeting with in-person their pre-major advisers on Friday, Aug. 30.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend; see you in just a few short weeks!


This Monday email is going to be a lot of 'this and that' as we have been getting questions from incoming students that many of you might actually be wondering about. Here goes:

Meal Plan Selection:

Our food service provider, Bon Appetit, offers students three meal plan options. Meal Plan 2 is set as the default, and it is automatically assigned to student living on campus who are required to have a meal plan. If you would like to change to Meal Plan 3, which offers more Flex Dollars, or Meal Plan 1, which offers fewer Flex Dollars, you have until the Friday after classes begin (Friday, Sept. 6) to do so. You can change your meal plan at my.whitman.edu. You can learn more about the meal plans on the Bon App website.

Mailing Address:

Every Whitman student has a mailbox in the Reid Campus Center Post Office. They are arranged alphabetically each fall, so your box number is likely to be different each year. However, you NEVER need your P.O. Box to receive mail (including packages) at Whitman College. Your mailing address for the next four years will be:

Your Name
Whitman College
280 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362

On opening day, one of your to-do's will be to check-in at the Post Office to get your mailbox number and combination. If you need to ship boxes to Whitman so they are available to you on opening day, we are happy to receive them and hold on to them until you arrive. Please ship them to the mailing address above but please do not send them to Whitman prior to Aug. 15.

Residence Hall Mini-Fridges:

The Reid Campus Center rents mini-fridges to students each year. The total cost for the year is $75, of which $25 is refunded to you at the end of the year if you return your fridge on time, clean and dry. You can reserve a fridge at whit.mn/fridge (you need to be logged into your Whitman account for this URL to work for you). If you have any questions about the mini-fridges, please contact Jessica Ruiz at ruizjc@whitman.edu or 509-527-5208.

If you need anything, please email Juli or me and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks — and have a great week!

maxwelba@whitman.edu, 509-527-5208

Today's focus is academic etiquette, academic engagement, and our shared expectations. The journey and eventual transition to college can be complex, daunting, and exhilarating. Arming you with a handful of helpful tips will ensure that you have the tools, lingo, and understanding conducive to laying the foundation for a great learning adventure.

First, in college, we refer to the instructional faculty as professors. So draw back to your earliest memories of being polite and address them in person or via email as Dr. or Professor [add a surname here] until your faculty tell you otherwise. While this might seem a bit too formal for those of you who have been on a first name basis with the adults in your life, it will help you establish a relationship with your faculty that demonstrates your understanding of the shift from high school to college, from teacher to professor. For additional insights on how college will differ from high school, check out this video and referenced article. Don't let the date of the article fool you -- despite being written before most of you were born, the academy (that is a fancy word that is sometimes used to discuss college) runs about the same and thus the advice therein still quite relevant. Your faculty will be clear when they are ready to have you address them as something other than Dr. So-and-so or Professor Whats-her-name; you will know you are well on your way to establishing a healthy working relationship when you graduate from the formal greeting to the first name.

Second, we are expecting great things from you all — the most important of which is cultivating what we at Whitman call the "life of the mind." We will expect you to become engaged in academic endeavors in and out of the classroom. From internships to field study, from community service to independent research - we will challenge you to immerse yourself fully in the project of cultivating yourself as a thinking citizen. Your first opportunity to do so comes during orientation: How will you engage with your peers? With your resident assistant (RA), student academic advisor (SA) or resident director (RD)? Will you reinvent yourself? How will you purposefully stretch yourself academically, socially, psychologically? What questions will you have for your pre-major advisor? Start thinking about goals for yourself now - for orientation week, for the first weeks of classes, and beyond.

Finally, we are committed to seeing you succeed. There will be faculty, staff and peers at every turn to provide guidance, insight, direction, advice or just to serve as a sounding board. We are excited to get you to campus and start this great journey. See you in just 44 days (or earlier if you are coming in for fall athletics, international student orientation camp, or one of our Immersions programs!)


P.s. Today is another checklist deadline day (see page 5). So if you haven't 1) ordered your final high school transcripts (or previous institution for those of you who are transferring), double checked to ensure that your AP or IB scores have been sent, or submitted paperwork if you will be using the deferred payment plan, no time but the present - all these tasks are due today.

p.s.s.s. Your Campus Clarity invite for Think About It will come to you under separate cover later this week.

When you arrive on campus in August, you will be amazed at the number of people who want to welcome you to Whitman including faculty, staff and returning students. While not actually on campus, Whitman alumni are also thrilled that you have chosen Whitman and wish to express their welcome. Aaron Blank ‘01, is president of the board of directors for the Whitman College Alumni Association. Even though you will not meet Aaron when you arrive on opening day, like all of our alumni, he is excited to have you joining the Whitman family. Read Aaron's welcome letter here.

If you are a U.S. student, this month your family received our Family Welcome Booklet. Inside family members will find an orientation schedule and helpful information about college life. Your family can find additional resources on our Parents & Families website. One area where families often have lots of questions in regard to textbooks. At the end of this email, you'll find a note from the Whitman Bookstore with some helpful information for you and your family about textbooks.

Have an amazing week and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch!

Barbara Maxwell

Whitman College Bookstore

Hopefully the FAQ below will answer many questions you may have about textbooks and the Bookstore. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the bookstore at 509-527-5274 or fill out our online form.

How much are books going to cost?

This completely depends on the classes you take. You could pay as little as nothing or as much as $370 per class. You can save money by purchasing our used books that are available on a first come, first served basis. We provide rentals on as many high-end textbooks as possible. You may purchase books with cash, check, or credit card but most students prefer to use their student ID. Student IDs function as debit cards that allow students to charge any Bookstore purchases to their accounts. The negative figure at the bottom of the receipt is the balance from an initial credit limit of $1,500. Any Bookstore purchases will become line items on your tuition bills.

Aren't books covered as part of financial aid?

Yes, but books are not broken out. An allowance for books and supplies has been included in the total financial aid package, but students will still need to buy their books.

What is the Bookstore doing to keep costs down?

Offering used books is the best way the Bookstore can keep costs down. We buy as many used books as we can. First, we buy books back from students in December and May at which time we give students up to half the cost of their textbook if the book will be used by faculty the following semester. Students buying from the Whitman College Bookstore receive more money for their books at buybacks than books purchased elsewhere. Second, we work closely with faculty to inform them of hidden costs in items such as bundled works. Third, we buy from book wholesalers and the Internet. Finally, we offer some of the more expensive textbooks as rentals. As the campus bookstore our first commitment is always to our students. We also have a rewards program called WhitCoin. When 500 points have been accumulated students may redeem their points for a $25 gift card.

Is there anything else I should know?

All returns must be accompanied by a sales receipt and must be in the same condition as when purchased. There is a 20% restocking fee for books returned without verification of a dropped class. This is to discourage students hoping to get into a class from buying books as we purchase for enrolled students. We are always happy to special order a textbook for a student. Students receive a 20% discount on the non-textbook books in the Whitman College Bookstore.

Today marks the ONE (1) month mark until you will begin moving into your rooms on campus (or off-campus if you are a junior transfer)! We are continuing our preparations for your arrival in earnest: I am finalizing your academic advisor assignments, roommate assignments will be out next week, and we are stuffing advising and registration packets for you to pick up upon arrival!

So, it is time to start getting you ready for your academic life at Whitman! Since I have heard from several of you in varying states of jubilation, panic, confusion or anticipation, I thought I would begin to flesh out how your advising, registration and related tasks will take place for your first semester of college.

Again, let me reiterate: NO incoming first-year students have registered, NO incoming first-year students know who their advisor is, and NO incoming first-year students have missed their advising appointments.

Advising and registration for first-year students will occur once you arrive on campus in August. For those of you coming to college for the first time, we will do advising and registration during Opening Week; students who are transferring to Whitman from another institution will receive an email from the Registrar's Office once their credits have been transferred and then will complete advising and registration.

For first-year students, we will kick things off on Friday, Aug. 30 when you will spend the day doing several advising activities: group advising and individual academic advising. New students with an interest in the pre-health professions will also have the opportunity to meet with pre-health professions adviser Kimberley Mueller before heading to their advising appointments.

Group advising occurs with me, and among the many things we will cover are academic expectations - the top of which is that you invest fully in your academics. One of the many things I will cover during our group advising session is a clear understanding of what the college means by Whitman's policy and Statement on Academic Dishonesty. During our session together, we will review the Statement on Academic Dishonesty and the respective consequences should you violate the policy (you can review a copy of the statement AND acknowledge your understanding at http://goo.gl/forms/hFZxMtdCXv0TtdJt2 in advance of our meeting.) Using tools other than your mind, such as Spark Notes and other like sites, will not help you refine your thinking. Rather, using such tools will narrow your thinking (into that of the notes' authors) and stifle your development as a learner.

We will expect you to create original thoughts and ideas. We take academic dishonesty and the importance of your ideas very seriously; Whitman does not differentiate between intentional or unintentional plagiarism or academic negligence. To ensure that you have a good understanding of your skills, I would strongly recommend that you test your understanding of the appropriate way to summarize, paraphrase, and quote directly. You can assess your skills using the self-test at the CBB Plagiarism Resource site. If you find that you are weak or less skilled in this area, use the CBB Resources site to shore up your skills and identify areas for improvement OR on the other hand, if you think you know it all when it comes to academic honesty and plagiarism, test your knowledge using the CBB quizzes.

After special program advising and group advising, you will finally get a chance to meet with your advisor one-on-one to discuss your interests, directions, challenges, hopes, expectations, etc. In preparation for your advisor's visit with you, your advisor will have reviewed a copy of your application, your final transcript, a writing sample and courses that you have added to your wishlist. In preparation for your visit with your advisor, you need to begin identifying classes in the catalog or online in the Search for Sections tools that are of interest to you and add them to your wishlist. To get to your wishlist, log in to my.whitman.edu, click on the registration tab, and then follow the links to "Add Courses to your Wishlist."

Some questions that might help you get started are the following:

  • What do you hope to do in your first semester at Whitman?
  • What new areas would you like to explore?
  • How will you find a balance between rigor and sanity?

These are all important questions to begin mulling over and to begin preparing yourself to discuss with your advisor. A few departments, such as math and history also have guides for first-year students to give you some insight to how to start thinking about classes you might be interested in taking in their respective departments.

We will wrap up the advising and registration tasks on Saturday, Aug. 31, when you will register for classes in-person in an arena-style registration. We will detail out both days in your advising and registration packet, which you will receive once you arrive at campus.

If between now and then you have questions about advising, registration, academic dishonesty or any other topics I have covered in the Monday emails, please do not hesitate to give me a call, drop me a note, or, if you are nearby, drop in on my office. I, along with my staff, are here to help you bridge these final fleeting days of summer as the countdown is on for your first day at Whitman!

FINALLY, your Think About It module is due Aug. 15. The best starting point is to log into Campus Clarity. Once there, then you can work on it in several sittings. Please don't leave this to the last minute.

See you soon,


Good Afternoon Everyone,

Opening Day is Thursday, August 29. Residence hall check-in and orientation task completion is from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. My email to you on August 19 will be filled with opening day details--for the moment the most important thing to know is that your first required orientation meeting is at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 29. Residence hall check-in and orientation tasks need to be completed by 2 p.m. so you are available to attend this meeting. Thanks!

I know that many students have questions about campus employment, especially if your financial aid package includes a work-study award. When I arrived on campus with a work-study award, I assumed I just showed up and someone assigned me a campus job. That was not true then and is not true now--students must apply for and be selected for campus jobs. Below is information to help you understand the process.

Campus Employment:

1. Create your account on Handshake. Jobs will be posted by employers as they become available. Activate your account here. For help with Handshake, go to https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us.

2. Attend the "Find an On-Campus Job" workshop hosted by the Student Engagement Center on Monday, September 2 from 1:00-1:30 in Kimball Theatre (Hunter Conservatory)

3. Come to the Job Fair hosted by the Student Engagement Center on Monday, September 2 from 1:30-3:00 on the Hunter front lawn.

4. Take initiative! Visit offices around campus - or businesses in the community - that you might like to work for once the school year has begun. Ask if they have available positions, or if there are similar organizations that are hiring. Ask older students about employment options. Visit the Student Engagement Center in Reid 219 and ask for help!

Campus Employment Forms:

You need to complete paperwork (Form I-9 and W-4 Form) before you can begin a campus job. We are offering an opportunity to complete this paperwork in advance of your securing a campus job on Thursday, August 29 (opening day) from 11a.m.-2p.m. in Reid Campus Center 207. You need to provide the following information:

Bank Account Number and Routing Number to Direct Deposit your paycheck.

Filing status and number of exemptions to complete your W-4 for income tax withholding.

Acceptable original documents to complete the federal I-9 form. This includes: one document that establishes both identity and employment authorization (for example, a US Passport or foreign passport with work authorization) OR one document that establishes identity (such as a driver's license) AND one document that establishes authorization to work in the US (for example, original Social Security Card or original US Birth Certificate).

Want to get a head start? Employment forms are available from a link on the Human Resources Website.

If any of this information is confusing, please email your question(s) to me and I will get it sent out to the correct campus resource. Have an amazing week!

One green dot can change the world!

Hello and happy Monday-

As this is my last Monday mailing of the summer (Barbara will be wrapping up the Monday email series next week), I've got just a little bit to cover as we turn the corner into the final stretch of summer. Please read through this email thoroughly so as not to miss anything. On tap for today: chemistry placement test, Off-Campus Studies, an update on Think About It, Convocation needs, and my final tidbits for a successful academic transition.

Chemistry Placement Test

All students wanting to take general chemistry who do not have AP or IB credit are required to take a placement test before registering. Students will have the opportunity to take the complementary CHEM 111 course along with CHEM 125 if they demonstrate need. Students who demonstrate more advanced chemistry preparation on this placement test, or who have earned CHEM 125 credit from the Chemistry AP or the Chemistry IB (HL), will have the opportunity to take the one-semester advanced general chemistry course (CHEM 140). For students with AP or IB credit, the placement test is still encouraged. Students can find the chemistry placement exam at https://www.whitman.edu/academics/departments-and-programs/chemistry/chemistry-placement-test. Please note this is a Google Form, so it will require that you login with your Whitman credentials (email and password) for the score to be recorded.

Off-Campus Studies (Study Abroad)

Do you think you might want to study in a foreign country during your undergraduate career at Whitman? Whitman has many semester study abroad options: 85+ programs in 45 countries. Many have no foreign language requirement, but some programs do have language prerequisites. A strong background in another language will give you a wider range of options for study abroad. If you want to take courses in another language during your semester or year abroad (Spanish, French, German, Chinese or Japanese), you should enroll in as much of that language as possible while at Whitman.

How much language study do you need? Whitman recommends (and many study abroad programs require) the following:

  • completion of at least two college semesters of Chinese or Japanese for study in China, Taiwan and Japan
  • completion of at least German 206 for study in Germany
  • completion of at least French 206 for study in France and three semesters or the equivalent for study in Madagascar
  • completion of at least two semesters of French for study in Senegal
  • completion of at least Spanish 206 or one semester of third-year Spanish (depending on the program) for study in Latin America or Spain

Please note that most foreign languages at Whitman only offer the first semester of the year-long sequence in the fall term.

Whitman students may apply their need-based aid and merit scholarships to the fees of all semester-long partner programs. We strive to reduce financial barriers to study abroad so that all qualified students can participate in global learning!

On Thursday, September 5th at 4 pm in Maxey Auditorium, the Office of Off-Campus Studies will host a New Student Off-Campus Studies (Study Abroad) Informational Meeting. Incoming students will have a chance to travel around the world with images from past participants and gain crucial academic planning tips for study abroad. All incoming students are encouraged to attend.

Think About It

Whitman requires all incoming students to complete a series of online learning modules relative to their health and safety in the following areas: understanding campus sexual culture, partying smart, recognizing attitudes condoning sexual violence, and understanding what healthy relationships look like. I am pleased to report that 43% of you have already completed the module! Good work! And in doing so, 97% of you indicated that the course helped you understand how to party smart and how to recognize (and hopefully then intervene) on attitudes and behaviors condoning sexual violence. 92% and 93% of you also indicated that the course helped you better understand campus sexual culture and what healthy relationships look like respectively. For the remaining 182 of you who have not started the module, or the 85 who are currently working on the module, please note that the deadline for completion is Aug. 15 - just three days away. To sign in or to complete your module, click here and use your email to sign in.

Convocation is set for Friday, Aug. 30. If you or a family member who will be in attendance and will require accommodations for special needs such as hearing impairment, visual impairment, or mobility impairment, please email me asap, so we can assess the best ways to address your or their needs.

Finally, you should have received or will receive in the very near future a note from my student staff of student academic advisors (SAs). These students have successfully landed positions as SAs through a highly competitive and rigorous interview process. They will take it from here, as they step into their roles as academic tour guides. Please make use of these students, draw on their experiences, pick their brains, confide, seek advice and most importantly, connect with them as section-mates!

Once again, it has been a pleasure serving as one of your summer tour guides and I look forward to meeting you once you arrive at campus. My office is located in Memorial Hall (think: clock tower) on the third floor in the Dean of Students wing, Room 330. Feel free to drop in anytime to introduce yourself, ask a question, have a cup of coffee (or tea), scope out the offerings in the Academic Resource Center, or just catch your breath.

See you soon,


p.s. Whoot-whoot, Dean Dunn's Awesome Summer Trivia continues! For Email #8, the correct answers were Fouts = Division II (Humanities and Fine Arts), Olin =Division II (Humanities and Fine Arts), and Maxey = Division I (Social Sciences). Division III lives in the Science Building primarily; Mathematics and CS lives in Olin.

To participate in this week's trivia, click here.

This is the final Monday email as we will be welcoming you in person in just 10 short days. We are ready and excited for you to arrive. The theme of our last email is 'Opening Day,' which is Thursday, August 29. Here is the scoop:

1. If you have not completed ALL the tasks on the pre-registration checklist, whit.mn/checkin please complete them BEFORE you arrive on campus, paying particular attention to immunizations as you may need to provide your doctor's office lead time in providing you with this information.

2. On Opening Day, you have a variety of orientation tasks that you must complete. These include:

a. Checking into your residence hall (if you'll be living on-campus) and moving your belongings in between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you are not living on campus, please pick up your orientation packet at the Reid Campus Center information desk from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

b. Completing the Reid Campus Center 'circuit' which includes photo ID, voice-recording, and checking in with Handshake, Security and registration holds from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

c. Getting a mailbox at the Reid Campus Center Post Office from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

When you arrive on campus, please begin by first checking into your residence hall and then going to Reid Campus Center.

If you will be moving into ANDERSON or PRENTISS, please review the Anderson/Prentiss Opening Day Unloading Map prior to arriving in Walla Walla. Once your car is unloaded, you will need to find a parking location in one of our campus parking lots or on any of the city streets. Thanks!

If you will be moving into JEWETT or LYMAN, please review the Jewett/Lyman Opening Day Unloading Map prior to arriving in Walla Walla. Once your car is unloaded, you will need to find a parking location in one of our campus parking lots or on any of the city streets. Thanks!

If you will be moving into DOUGLAS, please use the Baker Center Driveway, which can be accessed via Boyer Avenue. The street address for Baker Center is 364 Boyer Avenue. Once your car is unloaded, you need to find a parking location in one of our campus parking lots or on any of the city streets. Thanks!

3. Some of you will have additional tasks to complete, such as dealing with business office and/or health center holds, picking up packages you mailed to yourself, renting a refrigerator (Reid Campus Center, room 202), running to the store to pick up items your forgot to pack, etc. All of these tasks need to be completed by 2 p.m. because your first required orientation event begins at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 29 in the Sherwood Center Gym!

4. If you or your family will be arriving via the Walla Walla airport on Thursday, August 29, please send me an e-mail with the names and arrival times and I will make sure someone is there to meet the flight and provide free transportation to the campus.

If you have any last minute questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. It has been a pleasure working with you during the summer and I look forward to greeting you next week!!

Barbara Maxwell