We know that moving to college is a big deal for you and your family, and you probably have lots of questions. Senior Associate Dean of Students Juli Dunn is here to help answer your questions, whether they are logistical or academic.

New incoming students can look forward to the Whitman This Week emails, which will be sent each Monday leading up to New Student Orientation. We've also compiled some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Orientation and Deadlines

You can access the orientation schedule here. Information about move-in and orientation start times is also available in the new student pamphlet, which is mailed to all incoming students in early June.

Your Whitman account — also called MyWhitman — is the portal where you will access necessary forms, finish your check-in documents, search for classes and generate your course wishlist. To activate your account, go to whit.mn/acct. You will need your Whitman ID number, which was emailed to you. After you have activated your account, you will use your username and password to log-in to many associated services, including Whitmail. Learn more about activating your account

If you cannot find your Whitman ID number, contact the Registrar's Office at 509-527-5983.

Academics and Advising

After you have activated your Whitman account, go to whit.mn/pmaq to fill out your pre-advising questionnaire. This form helps us assign you to an academic advisor who is best suited to your interests. You must fill it out before June 15.

You probably do. You can complete these tests online before you arrive on campus. You will need to complete them before you can register for certain classes. Learn more about placement tests requirements.

For first-year students, advising and registration occurs during orientation. If you are a transfer student, you will receive an email from the Registrar's Office once credits have been transferred and then will work with an advisor over the summer to get you situated in classes before you arrive to Whitman in August.

If you took Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes, you may be eligible for credit at Whitman. Refer to the Registrar's Office webpage for instructions on how to submit that information.

For transfer students, use the Transfer Credit Eligibility (TCE) form and send transcripts to Whitman as soon as possible. You will need to be signed into your Whitman account to complete this form. 

You must be in your Whitman account, my.whitman.edu. Click the "Registration" tab and use the buttons marked "+Search and Add Classes." Remember, it's a wish list, not all classes are guaranteed.

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is available to help students who need additional academic or emotional support or physical accommodations. The ARC also provides advising, peer-tutoring and other academic resources to help all students be successful at Whitman. Learn more about Disability Support Services.

Campus Living

You can reserve a small refrigerator by logging in to your Whitman account and going to whit.mn/fridge. The cost for renting a mini-fridge is $75 for the year with a $25 refund in the spring if the fridge is returned on time, clean and dry.

Our food service provider, Bon Appetit, offers students three meal plan options. Meal Plan 2 is set as the default, and it is automatically assigned to student living on campus who are required to have a meal plan. If you would like to change to Meal Plan 3, which offers more Flex Dollars, or Meal Plan 1, which offers fewer Flex Dollars, you have until the Friday after classes begin (Friday, Sept. 6) to do so. You can change your meal plan at my.whitman.edu. You can learn more about the meal plans on the Bon App website.

When you arrive to Whitman, visit the mailroom in Reid Campus Center. They will give you a box and a combination.

Your Name, Whitman College, 280 Boyer Ave., Walla Walla, WA 99362. You never add your mailbox number because it will likely change every year. If you receive a package, we will hold it and put a slip in your mailbox when it arrives so you can pick it up at the Reid post office. Please don't have packages sent before Aug. 15.

Students can purchase books at the Whitman Bookstore, located downstairs in the Reid Campus Center. You must use cash, check, credit or use your student ID.  Using your student ID places the charges on your student account. All students start with a credit of $1,500 for purchases. Any charges to your student account will appear as line items on your tuition bill.

Used books and textbook rentals are also available. The bookstore website provides the ability to search for textbooks for your classes. For information about textbooks, go to the bookstore website.

Still need help? For assistance with classes or other academics, contact Juli Dunn at dunnjl@whitman.edu. For questions regarding housing, contact Residence Life at on_campus_housing@whitman.edu or 509-527-5297. If you need help with financial aid, including questions about work study, call the Financial Aid Office at 509-527-5178 or email finaid@whitman.edu.