Students on steps of Baker House

What are SCOREs?

Sponsored by the Student Engagement Center, SCOREs are student-led, pre-orientation, engagement trips for incoming Whitman students. Through direct service, education and reflection, SCORE participants expand their learning beyond campus to connect with the local community.

SCOREs are integrative and immersive experiences that introduce participants to the Walla Walla community and its complexities. Participants will meet with community partners, organizations, and area residents to learn about local social and political dynamics. Direct service, education and reflection will be the cornerstone, as well as fun exploration of the Walla Walla area. Each group will stay in a local church and cook most meals together. There are no costs associated with SCORE and no prior experience is necessary. The SCORE program runs from Aug. 24-29, 2019.

Equipment and Food
Food, transportation, and group gear are all included as part of the trip. Participants need to bring a sleeping bag and floor pad (if desired). Three weeks before departure, you will receive a letter with a detailed list of necessary personal items.