What are Explorations?

Explorations consist of a five-day experience created by students around a topic that interests them. Explorations are integrative and immersive experiences use Whitman College as a home base, with participants living and cooking together in a Whitman residential space. Students will not only engage in daily activities around the Exploration theme, but will also have time to investigate fun aspects of Whitman and Walla Walla.

Participants will be introduced to the topic area by student leaders and each day dive more deeply into the theme area. Direct experiential involvement, education and reflection will be the cornerstone. There are no costs associated with Explorations and no prior experience is necessary. 

Equipment and Food
Food, transportation (as needed), and group gear/supplies are all included as part of the Exploration. Participants need to bring a pillow and sleeping bag. Three weeks prior to the start of your Exploration you will receive a letter with a detailed list of necessary personal items.