2018 International Student Orientation Supplemental

2018 New International Student Orientation Booklet

Reid Campus Center, International studentsAdjusting to a college out of your home country can be a monumental task. Whitman College provides a 2½-day orientation just before new student orientation to help smooth your adjustment between home and college. International student orientation, or O-camp, is mandatory and is free of charge. Attendance is required for incoming international students and international transfers and US student who have lived abroad are encouraged to attend. Ten to fifteen returning international students help organize and put on the two and a half days of O-Camp.

Students comments about their O-camp experience:

"The International Orientation leads to a close knit community among the diverse students who have common struggles and are excited to come to Whitman. It helps to prepare for academic and social adjustment through the myriad programs conducted by older students who have already experienced the opportunities and challenges that we will face as Whitties. The regular orientation was overwhelming for me because of so much information being given in a limited amount of time, but International Orientation led to a smooth transition because of the organized, informative sessions paired with a bunch exciting programs. Overall, I feel that International Orientation focused not only on adjusting at Whitman, but also in Walla Walla, which created a sense of confidence to deal with anything that comes ahead while staying at Whitman." - Gambhir Kunwar, Class of 2017

International students O-camp

"The International Students' Orientation Camp left me with an incredible memory. All the international freshmen lived together all the time, so that I could adapt to the new environment as soon as possible. During the Orientation, I not only learned how to handle myself among people with diverse cultural backgrounds, but also I got familiar with Whitman College's tradition through staff introductions and alumni experiences.  All in all, it is a fascinating experience and there is no excuse to miss it." - Shengjun, Class of 2017

"Spending the first few days at Whitman with a close group of diverse students was an enjoyable way of adjusting to college life. We all shared and listened to our stories about anxiety, confusion, and excitement, and quickly established close bonds that still last today. I got a sense of what to expect academically and received useful tips for dealing with a wide variety of issues and concerns. International Orientation was truly a wonderful way to smoothen my transition to Whitman." - Moabi Garebamono, Botswana, Class of 2009

International students

"Orientation camp was one of my unforgettable events here! Meeting international students from different countries definitely helped ease my nervousness about coming to the U.S. alone. Through O-Camp, I was able to establish close bonds that still last today. Upper class students were very friendly and supportive, so that I didn't have to worry about what to do next. All the activities at the O-Camp were so much fun and I had many chances to socialize with new people." - Yuri Ishii, Associated Kyoto Program (AKP) exchange student for 1 year (2013-2014)