Every week, Senior Associate Dean of Students Juli Dunn sends all new students helpful emails to prepare for entering Whitman. If you happen to miss one, or would like to go back and read a previous email, we have them listed here for your convenience.

Hello Whitties,

Welcome to Whitman College! Congratulations on your college decision. I am Juli Dunn, senior associate dean of students. (Great to meet you, Whitties!)

Now, you may be wondering, what’s next?

Each Monday throughout the summer, I will send you an email with important information, tips and deadlines. (Today’s is a special Tuesday edition! πŸ˜‰)

What’s Due Soon:

Today, I’d like to encourage you to complete three critical Whitman tasks. You’ll want to take care of these as soon as possible.

  • Activate your Whitman email account. Once activated, please check it regularly. That’s where you’ll receive your Monday emails from me, and all your student email as a Whittie.

Your ID number: To activate your Whitman email account, you’ll need your Whitman ID number (also known as your WID#).

  • Complete your online advising questionnaire. Why is this so important? We use your input to select an academic advisor for you. The questionnaire only takes a few minutes to complete.

  • Choose a Group Advising Session. I'll meet online with first-year and transfer students to discuss advising, distribution requirements, registration and expectations around academic integrity. You can pick a time that works for you! These sessions will run June 8-10.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to email me and I will make sure you get an answer.

Again, welcome to Whitman—we’re very excited about you joining us in the fall!

Juli Dunn
Senior Associate Dean of Students

Hello Whitties,

We’re counting the weeks until you join us on campus. T-minus 12 weeks!

For those of us preparing for your arrival, this time will zip by as we finalize advising, registration, housing assignment and Opening Week activities.

Here are a few items to make sure are checked off your list.

What’s Due Soon

Today, I’d like to encourage you to complete three critical Whitman tasks. You’ll want to take care of these as soon as possible.

1. Activate your Whitman email account. If you haven’t already, please do so at whit.mn/acct.

Activating your account will also give you access to MyWhitman. This is where you’ll complete online forms, search for classes and generate your course wish list. You’ll also want to check your Whitman email on a regular basis. Like on Mondays, when you’ll hear from me!

Your ID number: To activate your Whitman email account, you’ll need your Whitman ID number (also known as your WID#). 

2. Attend a Group Advising Session this week! I will meet online with first-year and transfer students to discuss advising, distribution requirements, registration and expectations around academic integrity. Sessions start tomorrow, June 8, and run through June 10. See the times.

3. Take your writing assessment—before June 18. This exercise will help us find the best writing class for your first year. The writing assignment and questionnaire will be available June 8-18, 2021. There's no time limit, but set aside at least a couple of hours to read the material and do your writing.

Find and learn more about the assessment.

You'll also see info about other placement tests there. If you’re considering advanced courses—above introductory level—in chemistry, calculus or a foreign language, you'll need to complete your placement exams by July 15, 2021

What if you plan to start a new language? That’s great! The 100-level classes are where you’ll want to begin—in which case, you will NOT need to take a placement test.

Consider this: Learning a new language may open new doors for you, like opportunities to study abroad. Check out the video below to see Whitties around the world! 

Once again, we are thrilled that you have decided to call Whitman home. 

Best,Juli Dunn

P.S. Have you filled out your Residence Life Questionnaire on your application portal? It’s designed to help you think about your future living situation and preferences, while giving us information we need to consider the best housing option for you.

Happy Monday, Whitties!

Thank you to all of you who joined me for Group Advising last week. It was fun for me, and hopefully informative for you!

If you missed these sessions, we've posted a Zoom recording so you can get the info you need to be set for your first semester at Whitman. It's important stuff, so don't skip it.

Today, there’s plenty of news and to-do items for me to share with you. Be sure to read all the way to the end for helpful reminders. 

Now's the Time: Make Your Preferences Known!

Take the First Year Seminars Survey: “Exploring Complex Questions”

During fall semester, you’ll be part of a learning community exploring one of seven fascinating topics. Let us know your preferences. We’ll use your input to place you in a class. Take the survey now.

Orientation News & Fun Stuff!

Mark your calendar. Wahoo! Here’s your Whitman Move-In Day: Wednesday, August 25. You’ll be sent your specific check-in time later by email.

Your Student Welcome Guide is now available online. It’s full of helpful information on everything Whitman. You should have received a printed version in the mail as well! 

Starting this week: Virtual Open Houses! Meet Whitman faculty and hear about various departments and programs. You, and your avatar, can explore our virtual campus and meet new people along the way. Fun, right?! See dates and times.

Finally, Turn This To-do List Into a Ta-da List! 

NOW: Activate your Whitman email account! If you haven’t already, please set up your account. You’ll need your Whitman ID number (also known as your WID#). It was sent by email.

By Tuesday, June 15: Submit your  Residence Life Questionnaire and complete your Pre-Major Advising Questionnaire.

By Friday, June 18: Take your  Whitman Writing Assessment.

Last, but not least: Whitman is requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all students. You must be fully vaccinated when you arrive, which can take up to 6 weeks. (Do this soon if you haven’t already, friends!)

That’s it for today! I hope you’re as excited as we are about the coming year!

Juli Dunn


I hope you’re enjoying your summer. I am excited to share two new programs with you that are in the works starting this year. Your class will be the first to experience:

Career Coaching: From First Year to First Career

Whitman has always provided great resources and guidance to students to thrive in college and after graduation. But for the first time, incoming first-year students will begin their college career with their own career coach to help guide them right from the start.

Learn more and meet the coaches.

WOOT! Outdoor Adventures

Woot!? What?! How about Whitman Outdoor Orientation Trips or WOOT!
The Outdoor Program is hosting a number of trips during Fall Break weekend, Oct. 7-10, 2021. You’ll enjoy the Pacific Northwest with your fellow new Whitties—and there are options for everyone, no matter your experience or skill level.

Find a WOOT and register now.

What’s Due Now & Soon

Here’s a quick review and new tasks as we begin the final preparations for summer advising and registration. 

By now you should have:

What’s also due by July 15: 

  1. Send us your pic! Be on the lookout for an email about your official Whitman ID card. You’ll use your card for so many things around campus, including entering buildings and buying food. You’re going to have a close relationship—and it needs a photo of you. The email will direct you to a platform to directly upload your picture. In the meantime: Tips for your ID card photo.
  2. Transfer any college credit. You can report those classes for credit using the Transfer Credit Eligibility (TCE) form. You’ll also need to send your final transcripts as soon as possible—also due by July 15. Please note that you need to use your Whitman ID and email account when completing the TCE form.

Finally, if you missed it last week, check out your Student Welcome Guide online — and find my previous emails.

Juli Dunn


Our new first-year and transfer students are a busy group! You’ve already been the responsive and dedicated students that we expected when we admitted you to Whitman College.

Many of you have taken care of tasks, placement tests and other to-dos that will make your orientation and transition to Whitman smoother sailing. Well done!

Or maybe you have some catching up to do. Check out my earlier emails to see what’s been shared and what’s expected. You can also find a helpful checklist inside your Student Welcome Guide.

Starting soon: Pre-Major Academic Advising, July 7-21. Your pre-major advisor will help you create your course list. Please check your Whitman email for a message from your advisor about scheduling your first advising appointment. 

More News for You! 

Owl graphic; text

Your OWL will be reaching out soon!  Whoooo?! We’ve recruited a group of enthusiastic and wise Whitties—who have been in your place—to be with you on your first week journey. They’ll introduce themselves by email in the weeks ahead. Once August rolls around, they'll lead small groups of new first-year and transfer students during orientation—and be a friendly face and helpful resource along the way.  

See a preview of Fall 2021 Orientation activities.

Beware email phishing scams: It’s come to our attention that some incoming students have received bogus messages regarding research and job opportunities. What to do if you get a suspicious email. 

Game on! See why Whitman students love our Student Engagement Center—career coaching and more!  Watch the video.

Juli Dunn
Senior Associate Dean of Students


I have a few important things share with you today.

First, I hope you've gotten started on your check-in list at my.whitman.edu   (also known as holds). Let's do this! In case you're counting, it's only 7 weeks until Move-In week.

Next up: Shots! This is not part of check-in, but still super important: Whitman is requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all students. You can find the link to submit your proof of vaccination on our COVID-19 dashboard.

Just last week, the college announced it will require vaccination for all students, faculty, staff, volunteers and campus visitors, with a few exemptions. This will allow Whitman to function as a “fully vaccinated campus” per Washington state guidance, which means that in most cases, we will be able to return to an environment very close to life before the pandemic. Yay, science!

Another reminder: Connect with your advisor! You’ll need to respond to an email or text from your advisor to set up your individual advising session, which will happen between July 7-21. Your advisor can get to know you as a student, discuss your classes for the fall, and help you populate and prioritize your wish list.

In preparation for this meeting, work on your wish list, and make sure that you have completed all the required elements: the pre-major advising questionnaire and any needed placement tests (chemistry, calculus and foreign languages).

Finally, keep an eye out for an email from a platform called EverFi. It will include a link to a required online alcohol education module, Alcohol.Edu. 

You got this! 

P.S. Here’s where to find all my previous emails: Whitman This Week. Handy, right?! Like the June 21 email, when I shared how to upload your photo for your Whitman I.D. card. 

First things first: Have you connected with your advisor yet? Some of you have started these important conversations—happening July 7-21—to begin to shape your academic journey at Whitman.

Please email me if you have not yet heard from your advisor so I can look into it. If your advisor has reached out and you haven‘t responded, do so as soon as possible—like right now would be great! 

Speaking of advising, we know College Board has delayed the official release of AP scores, so disregard the July 15 request for those. In the meantime, make sure Whitman is listed as a college to get your scores. 

You should have also received an email to complete your required alcohol education training. Check your WhitMail inbox! 

Happening soon: Employment Workshops

Finding an on-campus job may seem daunting, but our Student Engagement Center wants to help guide the way.

 You can join them for introductory employment workshops on the next two Fridays, including one on how to use Whitman‘s job platform, Handshake.

 Join the SEC for these workshops:  

Friday, July 16, 2021, 9.00 a.m. PST: How to use Handshake.

 Friday, July 23, 2021, 9.00 am PST: How to Make an Engaging Resume.

Here’s a question for you: Do you have family members coming to campus for Move-In and Family Orientation? We’re trying to get an idea of how many folks we'll have on campus. Ask your family to give us a heads-up if they’re coming along! 

Have a great week! 
I'll be in touch next Monday with helpful info for move-In and orientation.


We’re so excited you’ll be on campus soon! Know this: We expect great things from you and your classmates—and that includes academic integrity.

That means we will expect you to create original thoughts and ideas. We take academic dishonesty and the importance of your ideas very seriously. Whitman does not differentiate between intentional or unintentional plagiarism or academic negligence. Here’s a helpful tool: Assess your skills using this plagiarism resource self-test.

You’ll also need to review and agree to Whitman’s Statement on Academic Dishonesty, if you haven’t already. Many of you did this during your group advising session.

animate bus moving through trees

Move-In Tips!

You can ship boxes in August. The Whitman post office uses your name to assign you a mailbox. Your mailing address for the next four years:
Your Name
Whitman College
280 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla WA 99362 

We are happy to hold on to packages until you arrive. You can ship them to yourself at the address above—but not just yet! Please send any boxes to arrive at Whitman no earlier than Aug. 11 (two weeks before Move-In!).

You can also rent a mini-fridge for your residence hall room. Sign up here. 

Plus: Guess whoooo will be in touch soon?! You can expect to hear from your Opening Week Leader (OWL) in the upcoming days. 

All the best, 

Juli Dunn
Senior Associate Dean of Students


A Whitman Welcome! Have you checked out your onboarding videos yet? Online orientation.



OK, bear with me! I have a number of reminders and updates this week. We want to make sure you’re all set for Move-In Day (just over four weeks away!) and to be a full-time Whittie. 

Animated blue-tones camera

Hit the Express Lane at Check-In
If you take care of these two tasks now, you'll have a speedier and smoother check-in on Move-In Day. How’s that for incentive?!

1. Send Your Pic: 
If you haven’t already, be sure to upload your photo for your official Whitman ID card. You should have received an email directing you to where you need to upload your photo for your card. Tips for your ID card photo.

2. Say Your Name: Your name is part of what makes you unique—and we want to pronounce it properly. That’s why each year, we make the effort to gather recordings of our new students speaking their names. It’s a simple thing, but it matters. Please use this online form to upload a recording of your name. 

Review your check-in tasks at my.whitman.edu

Animated owl with chalkboard with You've Got This

Here's to a Fully Vaccinated Campus! 

See how we’re doing on our fully vaccinated goal and find the form to document your vaccination on Whitman's COVID-19 Dashboard.

Please note: Any family members must show proof of vaccination (digital or paper) to join you for Move-In or other on-campus activities. No exceptions. 

Check Your WhitMail for This Training ...

Every student deserves a safe and healthy learning environment. That's why Whitman requires Sexual Assault Prevention Training. Watch for it in your email inbox soon. 

Alrighty, then! That’s a lot for today. Again, please email me if you have any questions.

Juli Dunn
Senior Associate Dean of Students



I hope this finds you enjoying your summer. It won’t be long before you and your fellow new Whitties will be heading to Walla Walla.

What an exciting that day will be! Check out my Dean Dunn happy dance ...

 Animated dancing graphic 

In the meantime, here’s some encouragement to keep moving forward. 

Your Online Orientation Awaits! 
This is one of the final ways we’re getting our soon-to-arrive students primed and ready for all that Whitman has in store for you. The short video modules (2-3 minutes) provide timely information as we turn the corner on the summer and point ourselves toward Move-In Day.

New students are expected to complete all the modules prior to arrival—in preparation for in-person orientation (Aug. 25-30). 

Rolling with The Punches

You’ve likely heard that the CDC updated their mask recommendations last week. In response, we are now requiring our entire campus community, even those who are fully vaccinated, to wear face masks again when they are indoors in group settings or public spaces. We do not intend this to be the case for the entire academic year, but your safety is our number one priority so we will continue to monitor COVID conditions in our area and reevaluate when it makes sense.

Thank you for helping us keep our campus and the broader Walla Walla community safe. 

A Whitman Tradition

Each summer, we reach out to our incoming class to take our New Student Survey. You can expect yours tomorrow, Tuesday, August 3.

We hope you will take this short survey and share your thoughts with us. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, you will have the opportunity to share your survey responses with specific people on campus so you can have a conversation with them about your goals and how to accomplish them. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Keep an eye out for the survey invitation.

Again, please email me if you have any questions in the weeks ahead. I am here for you! 

Juli Dunn
Senior Associate Dean of Students




Who’s counting the days?!

Make that 16 days to Move-In, friends. Soon these Monday emails will be just a fond memory of your pre-Whitman life.

So, let’s get these last few things done. Checked boxes are a beautiful thing! 

Animated checkmark on a green background

βœ… Order your books! Once you see your class schedule in mywhitman.edu, you can look for the textbooks and materials you need at the Whitman College Bookstore. Please keep in mind that this is a new online store for Whitman, so it’s not completely stocked yet. More items will be added over the weeks to come.

βœ… Complete your check-in tasks at my.whitman.edu. Have you recorded your name yet? Please use this online form to take care of that simple task. And if you haven’t already, look for the email on how to upload your photo for your official Whitman ID card.

βœ… Finish online orientation. New students are expected to complete all the modules prior to arrival on campus.

βœ… Check this important box! Find the form to document your vaccination on Whitman’s COVID-19 Dashboard.

And I'll say it again: Family members must show proof of vaccination (digital or paper)—when they arrive—to join you for Move-In and on-campus activities. No exceptions. And don’t forget about Whitman’s updated mask policy

βœ… Take the New Student Survey—it’s not too late. Last week, we emailed you a survey that is a tradition for Whitman’s incoming class. It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. When you’re done, you’ll be able to see a summary of how other students responded.

As always, please email me if you have any questions. And let me know if you haven't heard from your OWL (Opening Week Leader).

Juli Dunn
Senior Associate Dean of Students


We Have Big Plans for Opening Week! 
Preview the schedule. You’ll receive more details when you arrive.  

Let’s chat Move-In Day—Wednesday, August 25—for a minute. 

On the BIG Day!
Here's a quick glance at move-in times for the various residence halls:  

Wednesday, Aug. 25

9 a.m.Residence Hall Move-In 

Anderson Hall: Sections B, C and F
Jewett Hall: 3E, 3W, 4E and 4W
Lyman House: 3rd floor
North Hall: 3rd floor
Prentiss Hall: 3rd floor and East section

11 a.m.Residence Hall Move-In 

Anderson Hall: Sections A, D and E
Jewett Hall: 1W and 2W
Lyman House: 1st and 2nd floors
North Hall: 2nd floor
Prentiss Hall: 1st and 2nd floors

Get In the Express Lane
Between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Move-In Day, you’ll also need to check in at Reid Campus Center and get your Whitman ID card among other things. You’ll need your ID card for round 1 of COVID-19 screening at Cordiner Hall.

You should have received an email from my friend and colleague Peter Harvey about testing. Listen to Peter—he and the entire Coronavirus Taskforce are looking out for the Whitman community. We’re in good hands!

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to take care of these steps now to help your check-in go smoothly—and get yourself in the express lane. 

βœ… Upload my proof of COVID-19 vaccination

βœ… Submit a photo for my Whitman ID card.

βœ… Record my name.  

See my previous emails for info and tips you may have missed! And don’t forget your masks and Whitman’s updated mask policy

New Student Orientation
It's going to be a busy—but great—few days. We can't wait for you to begin your Whitman experience, including meeting your classmates and exploring campus.

Download the opening week schedule.  

Have any last minute questions? Feel free to email me


It’s here—opening week! Cue the confetti. 

  Animated graphic of colorful confetti

Are you good to go??! Make sure you don’t have any holds on your online check-in on my.whitman.edu. Outstanding tasks can prevent you from staying registered in your classes. 

Last Call for the Express Lane!
Between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Move-In Day, you’ll check-in at Reid Campus Center and get your Whitman ID card, orientation schedule and more!

Please note: You’ll need your ID card for round 1 of COVID-19 screening at Cordiner Hall. You should have received an email with testing instructions. 

We’ll be finalizing our express lane list in the next 24 hours, so complete tasks today to ensure you’re all set on Wednesday!  

βœ… Upload your proof of COVID-19 vaccination

βœ… Submit a photo for your Whitman ID card.

βœ… Record your name.  

See my previous emails for info and tips you may have missed! And don’t forget your masks—see the latest on Whitman’s mask policy. 

Fun, friends and everything Whitman ahead ...
We’re expecting beautiful weather on Wednesday in Walla Walla. Sunny with a good chance of high spirits! 

Download the opening week schedule.  

Have any last minute questions? Feel free to email me.

Finally, I have loved getting to know you through these weekly emails, but today it’s time to transition.

This is the last of my Monday emails—will you miss me?! Well, rest assured, we still have important information to share. Starting today, you’ll receive Whitman Today in your email inbox. This is our all-community newsletter and is packed with important information—everything from COVID-19 updates, to events, to tips to help you succeed and connect you with resources. Make it part of your routine to read this email each weekday morning.

Let’s do this, Whitties! I can’t wait to meet you. 

Juli Dunn
Senior Associate Dean of Students


Please remember: All family members must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in-person (digital or paper copy) to participate in move-in and family orientation activities on campus. And those who aren’t eligible for COVID-19 vaccination at this time, such as younger siblings, will not be allowed to participate in campus activities.