Whitman's campus is home to more than 75 percent of our students. From informal lectures and discussions with professors and alumni, to Interest House Block Parties and to Greek Week, the personal growth, development, and relationships that residential life inspires makes it by far the best way to maximize the benefits of your Whitman experience.

Residence halls. Choose from eight residence halls, some designated specifically for first-year students, others for upper-class students. All are co-ed except for Prentiss. Committed staff offer guidance and help students arrange recreational, social, and educational activities. The rooms are furnished, and each residence hall offers bike storage and free laundry facilities.

Fraternities and sororities. Greek life at Whitman gives you another opportunity to connect with the Whitman community and develop close, long-lasting relationships. There are four fraternity houses where members can live beginning their sophomore year. Though sororities don’t have their own houses, members maintain their own chapters and live in specific sections of Prentiss Hall, each with its own TV room.

Interest Houses. If you’re looking for more intensely personal, communal living, at the edge of campus is a neighborhood of Interest Houses, each occupied by four to 10 students who share an interest in a specific social or academic area. Four of the houses are language-centered, and the rest are topical or service-oriented. Students in the houses originate programming centered on their theme to serve as a resource to the campus.