Unfortunately, residence halls for incoming students will not be ready for move-in until the end of International Student Orientation. If you choose to arrive before Aug. 19 (for international students participating in Immersions) or before Aug. 26 (for international students NOT participating in Immersions), you will need to arrange your own accommodations until your designated arrival day on Whitman campus. There are numerous accommodation options in Walla Walla, including hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and Airbnbs.

For personal as well as travel reasons, many incoming international students do not travel with family to start college in the United States. International Student Orientation is designed for new international students only and does not include a separate family orientation. If your family is planning to travel with you to the U.S., we strongly encourage that they carefully review the family orientation schedule and make travel plans that coincide with Family Orientation, which will take place Aug. 29-30, after International Student Orientation.

Definitely! If you grew up outside the U.S. or attended high school abroad and would like some extra time to adjust to living in the U.S., we would be happy to have you with us at International Student Orientation. Whitman enrolls Third Culture Kids (people raised in a culture other than their parents' or the culture of the country named on their passport) every year, and many choose to participate in International Student Orientation and participate in our programs throughout their time at Whitman. If you have additional questions about attending International Student Orientation, please contact the Intercultural Center at 509-527-5596.

In order to accommodate orientation programs and Immersions, incoming international students will stay in a residence hall for returning students for the duration of International Student Orientation in temporarily assigned rooms. You will move into your regularly assigned room at the end of International Student Orientation.

  • For incoming international students participating in Immersions: after International Student Orientation for Immersion Participants ends on Aug. 21, orientation staff will help you move your belongings into your regular room before you depart for your Immersion. Please consult with your Immersion leaders about how you should pack and prepare yourself for your Immersion program.
  • For incoming students NOT participating in an Immersion: you will move into your regular room at the end of the orientation program on Wednesday, Aug. 28, before the start of New Student Orientation the next day.