WIDE Mission

The Whitman Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (WIDE) committee consists of a broad range of faculty, staff and students who work in collaboration to proactively advise the President of the college around issues of Diversity and Inclusion. This committee members make a multi-year commitment and meet bi-weekly either as an entire group or in subcommittees to execute the work of WIDE. This committee works in close partnership with community members to offer ideas, strategies, and actions that reflect a broad range of voices in our community. The WIDE committee seeks to actively develop an inclusive climate and institutional culture that supports, and rewards diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Wide Chair

Thomas Witherspoon, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

WIDE Committee Members

Laura Sanchez
Rich Hinz
Neal Christopherson
Marvin Viney
Rae Chresfield
Antonia Keithahn
Shane Watkins
Kelsey Martin

Helen Kim
Nate Boland
Nicole Pietrantoni
Amy Dodds

Salma Anguiano
Mayrangela Cervantes
Ameliz Price-Dominguez
Phyllis Pawa
Tejas Raj

Sense of Belonging

Committee Chair, Marvin Viney

This committee will focus on the experience of people and how they experience being valued, supported, connected, accepted and respected within the Whitman community.

Training and Development

Committee Chair, Thomas Witherspoon

This committee will focus on closing the skill and experience gaps within our community both culturally and technically. Through training for the Whitman community, this committee will invite the experiences of marginalized communities to be explored and proactively work to broaden experiences of community members and grow the cultural and technical capacity of the Whitman community.

On-boarding to Whitman and Walla Walla

Committee Chair, Helen Kim

This committee will focus on helping new hires transition to Whitman and Walla Walla through intentional programming that promote connections, elevating local opportunities, and build stronger connections between the Whitman community and Walla Walla Valley.

Barriers to Success (financial, systematic and supports)

Committee Chair, Antonia Keithahn

This committee will focus on institutional policies and practices that potentially pose as barriers to success for Whitman community members. This group will actively review and propose suggestions that will help move the community forward in an inclusive way.